"It's an amulet that was made exclusively for the East Empire Company. They gave them to their workers as an incentive at one point... a kind of reward for extra effort. They're no longer being made, so they've become collectible. I'd love to get my hands on a few of them."
Fethis Alor[src]

Pain in the Necklace is a miscellaneous quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn in which the Dragonborn must locate and recover East Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock.


  1. Locate the East Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock


Fethis Alor asks the Dragonborn to find all East Empire Pendants for him, which are scattered around Solstheim. In return, he'll give the Dragonborn 500 GoldIcon for every pendant found. These East Empire Pendants can be found inside East Empire Company Strongboxes.

Do you sell any special mining gear? "Mining gear? No. However, I used to ell East Empire Pendants until I ran out of them. Popular little item."
What's an East Empire Pendant? "It's an amulet that was made exclusively for the East Empire Company. They gave them to their workers as an incentive at one point... a kind of reward for extra effort. They're no longer being made, so they've become collectible. I'd love to get my hands on a few of them."
Where can you find them? "They could be anywhere on the island. The mines might be a good place to start. If you find any while you're exploring Solstheim, bring them here and I'll pay you for them."

Marked locationsEdit

World location codes that end in coordinates (x,y) use cow (Center on World). Interior location codes use coc (Center on Cell).

Location Description Image
Alor House*
It is located on a table next to the pieces of bread, go down the stairs to the basement and turn left EECSB AlorHouse
Ashfallow Citadel
On a bookshelf just after entering. EECSB AshfallowCitadel
In the great hall, in the large chamber room, 2nd floor, on top a barrel. EECSB Benkongerike
Bristleback Cave
On a barrel, deep inside the cave. EECSB BristlebackCave
Brodir Grove
DLC2SolstheimWorld 10,10
On a wooden crate. EECSB BrodirGrove
Broken Tusk Mine
DLC2SolstheimWorld 5,19
Outside the mine, on a crate beneath a guard tower. EECSB BrokenTuskMine
Caerellius House*
In the first room on a stone shelf to the right of the cooking pot. EECSB CreciusHouse
Fort Frostmoth
Left building, on a bookshelf to the left. EECSB FortFrostmoth
Back of the cave, on the ground next to a Riekling Hut, just after the claw trap. EECSB Frossel
Glacial Cave
DLC2SolstheimWorld 11,22
Outside, near the entrance. EECSB GlacialCave
Glover Mallory's House*
On a table directly after entering. (Go forward a little, then look right.) EECSB GloverMalloryHouse
Haknir's Shoal
DLC2SolstheimWorld 16,19
Inside one of the tents. EECSB Haknir'sShoal
Horker Island
DLC2SolstheimWorld 22,17
NE coast of the island is a sunken ship broken in half. In the water next to a chest. EECSB HorkerIsland
Hrodulf's House
DLC2SolstheimWorld 10,4
Inside a cabinet. EECSB Hrodulf'sHouse
Moesring Pass
DLC2SolstheimWorld 10,16
On an end table. EECSB MoesringPass
Morvayn Manor*
Top floor. EECSB MorvaynManor
Northern Maiden
DLC2SolstheimWorld 7,8
Under the dock beside the Northern Maiden in Raven Rock. EECSB NorthernMaiden
Northshore Landing
DLC2SolstheimWorld 6,22
In the hut, on a shelf. EECSB NorthshoreLanding
Ramshackle Trading Post
DLC2SolstheimWorld 14,10
Outside on a crate to the left of the shack. EECSB RamshackleTradingPost
Raven Rock Mine
2x - One can be found beneath a table, up the stairs in the first room. The other can be found to the right of the iron gate which must be opened with a key. EECSB RavenRockMine1
EECSB RavenRockMine2
Raven Rock Temple
In the Temple Ancestral Tomb, partly buried in the northern most burial mound. EECSB TempleTomb
The Bulwark*
On a table at the end, to the right. EECSB Bulwark
The Retching Netch*
Behind the bar. EECSB TheRetchingNetch
Wreck of the Strident Squall
DLC2SolstheimWorld 8,2
On a shelf in the cargo hold. EECSB StridentSquall

*The asterisks indicate these boxes are owned, and thus lockpicking them, and subsequently, acquiring their contents, will charge the player a bounty. The only exception is if the player has gained the trust of the owner.

Unmarked locationsEdit

Location Description Image
Giant Nirnroot Island
DLC2SolstheimWorld 19,24
In the boat. EECSB NirnrootIsland
Riekling Island
DLC2SolstheimWorld 16,22
North of Haknir's Shoal, in the watchtower. EECSB RieklingIsland
Usha's Camp
DLC2SolstheimWorld 16,11
Unmarked camp north of Ashfallow Citadel. Follow the stream north of Ashfallow into the mountains, where a blocked wooden gate can be found. Jump around the side of the mountain over the gate and to Usha's camp. EECSB Usha'sCamp
Near Ashfallow Citadel
DLC2SolstheimWorld 15,9
Unmarked Reaver camp south west of Ashfallow Citadel and southeast of Ramshackle Trading Post. EECSB ReaverCampAshfallow
Near Vahlok's Tomb
DLC2SolstheimWorld 17,12
Unmarked Dunmer camp east of Vahlok's Tomb. Slightly east of the Tomb then just a tad south, up on the cliff. EECSB OutsideVahlok'sTomb
Near Water Stone
DLC2SolstheimWorld 6,14
Unmarked location south east of the Water Stone - On the ridge above, in an area surrounded by booby trapped barrels. EECSB TrappedBarrels
Near Frostmoon Crag
DLC2SolstheimWorld 9,14
Unmarked Shrine of Zenithar northwest of Frostmoon Crag - Follow the canyon northwest of the Altar of Thrond. At Moesring Pass, turn left down the mountain, you should find the shrine with two Corundum Ores and the strongbox lying on the snow nearby.  EECSB ShrineZenithar
Near Hrothmund's Barrow
DLC2SolstheimWorld 10,18
Unmarked Reaver camp, very near to Hrothmund's Barrow. The camp can be found on the cliffside just southwest of the Barrow. The box is on the ground behind a crate where another locked strongbox is located. There is a Skaal Hat and a Fur Helmet here. EECSB NearHrothmund'sBarrow

The Dragonborn will receive 500 GoldIcon for each pendant recovered and brought back to Fethis Alor. Alor, in response to being asked "Are you still buying East Empire Pendants?" will say: "Absolutely. Here's your payment.", "I am, here you go.", "You're making my buyer happy. Keep them coming.", "As long as you keep bringing them, I'll keep buying them.", and "I'm beginning to like this partnership. Here you go.". If the Dragonborn provides Alor with an amulet upon first learning of his desire to buy them he will say: "Well, well. Seems you're proving useful for an outlander. Here's you're coin. Keep bringing me more, and I'll keep paying you for them."


Pain in the Necklace – DLC2RRFavor05
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Locate the East Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock


  • Fethis Alor ends his dialogue with "leave no stone unturned," a possible reference to the quest "No Stone Unturned" in which the Dragonborn must find Stones of Barenziah scattered throughout Skyrim.


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  • This quest does not feature a "Quest complete" stage objective and therefore can not be completed and will stay in the quest log indefinitely.
    • There are two ways to remove this quest from the quest log. Either fail the quest by killing Fethis Alor, or if playing on PC, type the console command "Setstage DLC2RRFavor05 250".

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