Painted Troll Fat is a rare ingredient found during the quest "A Brush With Death."


A Brush With DeathEdit

Listening to rumors around Cheydinhal will lead to hearing of the disappearance of Rythe Lythandas, a famous painter. His wife Tivela is grieving and is in search of help in finding her husband. In the painted world, one will find painted trolls who will drop the Painted Troll Fat when killed.


  • There are exactly six of these in the game; it is important to keep at least one for use with the Enchanted Chest. It is possible to duplicate this ingredient if one becomes the Arch-Mage.
    • Using the chest to acquire more of these may have been broken in a recent patch.
  • In Skyrim, there is a chance to overhear Elgrim complain about losing his supply of Painted Troll Fat at his shop Elgrim's Elixirs in Riften.


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