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"Every few days she comes for one of us. Some return, some don't. Those that are taken three times never return."
Larthjar the Laggard[src]

Pale Lady quote

The Pale Lady is a vampire who lives underneath Castle Skingrad. She feeds on prisoners in the Castle Skingrad Dungeon.


It is told by one of the prisoners that each night she and the guards take one of the prisoners from their cell and feeds on them, but the third time they never return. It is likely that she kills them on the third day because by day three they are turning into vampires and this would give her away.

It appears that most of the castle guards have no knowledge of the Pale Lady being a vampire. The only one who might have an idea is the jailor. It is also unlikely that Skingrad's count, Janus Hassildor, is aware of her presence underneath his castle. This is because he has no love for his "kin" and he has any vampire who enters his territory killed.


Lost HistoriesEdit

Find a guild brother who went missing on the job. The Pale Lady is encountered during this quest for the Thieves Guild.


  • "Come to me, sweet flesh!"
  • "I will feed the mistress your blood!"


  • If the Hero asked the jailor about the Pale Lady, he will reveal that her name is Mina. Mina is also the name of one of the main characters in the book Dracula.
  • During combat, she may say she will "feed the mistress your blood!" She may be talking about Countess Rona Hassildor, who is in a coma caused by her refusal to drink blood.


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