"It's a long way back to Windhelm from here."
―Palevius Lex[src]

Palevius Lex is an Elder Imperial sailor found at the Water Stone with his fellow shipmates Benkum, Hjalfar, and Liesl.


Originally from Windhelm, he took shore leave on Solstheim with the rest of his crew. Shortly after arriving, they fell under Miraak's influence and began constructing a shrine at the Water Stone.

He wears miner's clothes and boots and carries a steel sword.


Cleansing the StonesEdit

Once he and his shipmates are freed from Miraak's influence, they walk to the shore to await their ship.


  • "Think we've got to get back to our ship now."
  • "We're already late. Not sure why we decided to take such an extended shore time."
  • "When the tide goes, we'll go with it."
  • "It's a long way back to Windhelm from here."
  • "Hope our shipments are still good. How long has it been?"
  • "Best be shoving off now."


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