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Paralyze is a magic effect that renders a target unable to move or perform most actions. This includes, but is not limited to: walking, running, jumping, swimming, evading attacks, blocking with a shield, and the use of weapons, spells, scrolls, and enchanted items. Ingredients and potions can be consumed while paralyzed, and items may be equipped. This effect does not have a magnitude; if successfully cast or inflicted by other means it is always one-hundred percent effective. Paralyze is a member of the Illusion school of magic, governed by Personality. Its base Magicka cost is 40 points.

If stricken by paralysis during hand-to-hand combat, an opponent becomes prone to health damage rather than losing Fatigue when attacked for the effect's duration.

Resistance and immunity[edit | edit source]

Paralyze is not affected by Resist Magicka. It is subject to the Resist Paralysis effect, and can also be resisted with sufficient Willpower. Paralyze is not affected by Weakness to Magicka, and there is no weakness to paralysis effect, making it impossible to break an adversary's immunity.

Vampires have an innate immunity to paralysis. Karrod, the Champion of King Helseth who may be dueled in Tribunal, and Gaea Artoria of the Imperial Legion in Bloodmoon are also immune to paralysis. A number of creatures added in expansion packs also have an innate resistance or immunity to the Paralyze effect:

Resistance to Paralyze
Hulking Fabricant TR Verminous Fabricant TR
Advanced Steam Centurion TR Almalexia TR Barilzar TR Bonewolf BM
Centurion Archer TR Dragur BM Grahl BM Hircine BM
Imperfect TR Karstaag BM Riekling Rider BM Tusked Bristleback BM

Cure[edit | edit source]

This effect can be cured by consuming a Potion of Cure Paralyzation or eating Corkbulb Root, the only ingredient that has Cure Paralyzation as a first effect. Free Action is available from a handful of spell merchants and consists of a Cure Paralyzation effect on self, but like all spells, cannot be cast while paralyzed.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

Paralyze is one of several effects that can be used to quickly disable spellcasters. Other effects have both advantages and disadvantages compared to Paralyze.

Effect Comparison
  Paralyze Silence Sound
School Illusion Illusion Illusion
Base Magicka Cost 40 40 3
Weakness No No Weakness to Magicka
Resistance Resist Paralysis or
Willpower Resist Magicka
Immunity Yes No No *
Curable Yes No No
Victim Can Flee No Yes Yes
Actions Forbidden All, except equip item, consume potions & ingredients Spellcasting (Victim does not attempt to cast spells) None (Victim may drain Magicka failing to cast spells)

* No creatures or people are immune to this effect, but the Nerevarine can boost Resist Magicka to 100% for immunity.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

The following creatures have the ability to paralyze opponents:

Creatures that can Inflict Paralysis
Ascended Sleeper Dagoth Ash Vampires Hircine BM Hunger Scrib

Creatures inflicted with paralysis behave as if they were unconscious or dead; underwater creatures float to the surface and airborne creatures fall from the sky.

Spells[edit | edit source]

The following spells consist of a Paralyze effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Paralyze Spells
Name Type Cost
Range Gold Base ID
Force Bolt Spell 125 4 0 Target force bolt
Ghost Snake Spell 9 3 0 Target ghost_snake
Gothren's Gout Spell 23 5 0 Touch Gothren_gout
Hunter's Venom BM Spell 46 10 1 Touch BM_paralyze_hirc
Lover's Kiss * Power 0 60 0 Target lover's kiss
Medusa's Gaze Spell 45 15 0 Target medusa's gaze
Paralysis Spell 10 5 0 Touch paralysis
Paralysis Spell 12 6 0 Touch scrib_paralysis
Paralysis Trap Spell 13 10 1 Touch trap_paralyze00
Spider Touch Spell 12 3 0 Touch spider touch
Witchwither Disease 0 Constant 0 Self witchwither
Wizard Rend Spell 39 4 0 Target wizard rend
*Granted to those born under The Lover birthsign. Gold = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

The following spell merchants are purveyors of a spell consisting of a Paralyze effect:

Paralyze Merchants
Name Faction M Location Spell
Arielle Phiencel Mages Guild 10  Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mages Guild Paralysis
Bratheru Oran Hlaalu 10  Vivec City, Hlaalu Canton: Edryno Arethi's House Paralysis
Erer Darothril None 40  Sadrith Mora: Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub Medusa's Gaze
Estirdalin Mages Guild 10  Balmora: Mages Guild Paralysis
Ethasi Rilvayn * Morag Tong 10  Balmora: Morag Tong Guild Medusa's Gaze
Llaalam Madalas * Telvanni 10  Sadrith Mora: Llaalam Madalas: Mage Medusa's Gaze
Llaros Uvayn Hlaalu 10  Caldera: Governor's Hall Medusa's Gaze
Malven Romori Mages Guild 10  Vivec City, Foreign Quarter: Mages Guild Paralysis
Namanian Facian Morag Tong 10  Sadrith Mora: Morag Tong Guild Paralysis
Nerile Andaren TR  Tribunal Temple  8  Mournhold: Temple: Hall of Ministry  Medusa's Gaze 
Orrent Geontene Mages Guild 10  Ald'ruhn: Mages Guild Paralysis
Salyni Nelvayn Morag Tong 10  Ald'ruhn: Morag Tong Guildhall Paralysis

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.

Items[edit | edit source]

The following items consist of a Paralyze effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Apparel[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Clothing and Jewelry
Item Type Duration
Range Item ID
Adusamsi's Robe Robe 5 0 Target Adusamsi's_robe
Amulet of Admonition Amulet 30 0 Target amulet of admonition
Ring of Medusa's Gaze Ring 5 0 Target ring of medusa's gaze
Shashev's Ring Ring 15 0 Target ring_shashev_unique

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

First effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
Ingredient WeightIcon.png Gold First Effect Item ID
Ampoule Pod 0.10 2 ingred_bc_ampoule_pod
Daedra Skin  0.20   200  ingred_daedra_skin_01
Fire Petal 0.10 2 ingred_fire_petal_01
Ghoul Heart 0.50 150 ingred_ghoul_heart_01
Hackle-Lo Leaf 0.10 30 ingred_hackle-lo_leaf_01
Large Kwama Egg 2.00 2 ingred_kwama_egg_02
Rat Meat 1.00 1 ingred_rat_meat_01
Raw Stalhrim BM 5.00 300 ingred_raw_Stalhrim_01
Spore Pod 0.10 1 ingred_bc_spore_pod
Sweetpulp TR 1.00 1 ingred_sweetpulp_01
Void Salts 0.10 100 ingred_void_salts_01
Wickwheat 0.10 1 ingred_wickwheat_01

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potion WeightIcon.png Gold Duration
Range Item ID
Bargain Potion of Paralyze 1.50 5 8 0 Self p_paralyze_b
Cheap Potion of Paralyze 1.00 15 15 0 Self p_paralyze_c
Standard Potion of Paralyze 0.75 35 30 0 Self p_paralyze_s
Quality Potion of Paralyze 0.50 80 45 0 Self p_paralyze_q
Exclusive Potion of Paralyze 0.25 175 60 0 Self p_paralyze_e

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Scrolls
Scroll WeightIcon.png Gold Duration
Range Item ID
Scroll of Drathis' Soulrot 0.20 162 5 0 Touch sc_drathissoulrot
Scroll of Illnea's Breath 0.20 158 6 10 Target sc_illneasbreath
Scroll of Psychic Prison 0.20 261 30 0 Target sc_psychicprison
Scroll of Sertises' Porphyry 0.20 125 15 0 Target sc_sertisesporphyry

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The tables below contain a base damage value for the corresponding weapon. Because weapon damage varies by attack type (chop, slash, or thrust), the values indicated below are intended as a quick means of item comparison only. For detailed information refer to individual weapon articles.

One-handed[edit | edit source]

Enchanted One-Handed Weapons
Weapon Type Dmg.
Range Item ID
Adamantium Jinkblade of Wounds TR Short Blade 7 20 5 0 Touch adamantium_shortsword_db
Dwemer Jinksword Short Blade 9 14 10 0 Touch dwemer jinksword
Flawed Dwemer Jinksword Short Blade 12 25 15 0 Self dwe_jinksword_curse_Unique
Glass Jinkblade Short Blade 7 9 10 0 Touch glass jinksword
Nordic Axe of Paralysis BM Axe 8 42 10 0 Touch BM nordic silver axe_spurius
Silver Axe of Paralysis BM Axe 15 40 10 0 Touch silver axe of paralysis
Silver Sword of Paralysis BM Long Blade 20 45 10 0 Touch silver sword of paralysis
Steel Jinkblade Short Blade 4 5 10 0 Touch steel jinkblade
Steel Jinkblade of the Aegis Short Blade 4 5 20 0 Touch steel jinkblade of the aegis
Steel Jinksword Short Blade 6 12 10 0 Touch steel jinksword

Two-handed[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Two-Handed Weapons
Weapon Type Dmg.
Range Item ID
Daedric Crescent Long Blade 20 50 10 0 Touch daedric_crescent_unique
Gravedigger TR Long Blade 1 70 3 0 Touch Gravedigger
Herder's Crook Blunt 3 7 5 0 Touch herder_crook
King's Oath TR Long Blade 1 60 3 0 Touch King's_Oath_pc
Peacemaker Blunt 3 7 10 0 Touch peacemaker
Rammekald BM Blunt 1 32 10 0 Touch warhammer_rammekald_unique
Silver Staff of Paralysis BM Blunt 20 45 10 0 Touch silver staff of paralysis
Silver Staff of Peace Blunt 3 7 10 0 Touch silver staff of peace
Silver Staff of Reckoning Blunt 3 7 5 0 Target silver staff of reckoning
Spear of the Hunter BM Spear 40 60 10 0 Touch BM_hunterspear_unique
Steel Staff of Peace Blunt 3 7 10 0 Touch steel staff of peace
Wooden Staff of Peace Blunt 3 6 10 0 Touch wooden staff of peace

Marksman[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Marksman Weapons
Weapon Type Dmg.
Range Item ID
Dart of Judgment * Arrow 1 3 1 0 Self iron_arrow_uniq_judgement [sic]
Grey Shaft of Holding Arrow 1 4 10 0 Touch grey shaft of holding
PoisonGrip Arrow TR Arrow 15 30 20 20 Touch ebony arrow_sadri

*There are two distinct weapons named Dart of Judgment. This version is an arrow instead of a dart, and has a cast on self effect.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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