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Passwall is a village in The Fringe which is located in the Shivering Isles. Passwall is the first village the Hero comes across after entering the Shivering Isles, and the only one in The Fringe.


The village consists of 4 buildings, The Wastrel's Purse, Nanette Don's House, Shelden's House and Jayred's House.

Around the village are ruins of what seems to have been a greater civilization, a theory hinted by Dredhwen, proprietress of The Wastrel's Purse, which temporarily houses the notable Relmyna Verenim, a powerful sorceress and "mother" of the Gatekeeper.


TESSI Location Passwall

The eight initial residents or the "hopefuls," Relmyna being the exception, who are trying to get into the Isles are:

Relmyna Verenim is a temporary resident, as she already gained the "Blessing of Sheogorath," i.e. madness.

Shelden is the self-proclaimed mayor of Passwall as he was the first to arrive there and will address it as his town when the player first talks to him. All the "hopefuls" that are trying to get in the Shivering Isles are located in Passwall and are required to go mad to do so, though.

The Hero can buy merchandise, sleep, and dine at The Wastrel's Purse run by Dredhwen, a place like it being rare to come by in the Isles. Even with the defeat of the Gatekeeper, only one citizen, Jayred Ice-Veins, decides to take the step to leave the Fringe and enter the Isles.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

After entering the Shivering Isles the Hero must first pass through the Gates of Madness in order to find the lord of this Realm.

Retaking the FringeEdit

During the Shivering Isles main quest the Fringe is overrun by the Forces of Order, including Passwall, though it is restored to its former condition towards the end of the main quest.

Passwall is partly destroyed by the Knights of Order but is fixed after one beats the Shivering Isles Main Quest.


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