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Not to be confused with Pelagius Septim III.

Pelagius Septim was the second ruler of the Septim Empire, and Tiber Septim's grandson. He ruled Tamriel for less than three years; however, he was still seen to be as strong of a ruler as his father had been.[1]

In 3E 41, Pelagius was the first of the Third Era Emperors to be assassinated, as an unknown enemy of the Septims hired assassins.[1] He was killed by the Dark Brotherhood while praying at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. Because he had no children, this officially ended the direct Tiber Septim bloodline, and he was succeeded by his first cousin, Kintyra Septim.[1]


Emperor of the Septim Empire
Tiber Septim 3E 38–3E 41 Kintyra Septim


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