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Pelagius Septim II (Born ??–3E 98[1]) was the sixth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel.

Pelagius Septim II ascended to the throne when his father, Uriel II, died in 3E 82. Pelagius Septim II inherited a host of debts due to his father's poor financial and judicial management. To cope with this, he dismissed all of the Elder Council, allowing only those members willing to pay a large sum of money re-entry. He encouraged similar actions of other Kings and rulers throughout the then un-united Tamriel.[2]

He is believed to also have had a brother and sister, although the only evidence of this is The Wolf Queen series of books. In it, in 3E 80, Amiel Septim, his brother, is purportedly in Firsthold, meeting with the Archmagister of the Mages Guild. His sister, Galana Septim, is to be married to the Duke of Narsis.[3]

These actions saw Tamriel's return to relative prosperity, though many critics pointed out the gold he extracted had been gotten forcibly. Pelagius Septim II had a daughter, Potema Septim, and three sons: Cephorus Septim, Magnus Septim, and Antiochus Septim. The first three were involved in the War of the Red Diamond of 3E 121, long after Pelagius Septim II's death. Antiochus Septim was significantly older than the other three, being 43 at the time that he became emperor [1]

Pelagius died of natural causes after seventeen years of rule on the 15th of Evening Star in 3E 98. His eldest son, Antiochus Septim, succeeded him to the throne in the following year.[1]

Emperor of Tamriel
Uriel Septim II 3E 823E 98 Antiochus Septim


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