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Pelagius Septim IV (3E 314368) was the twentieth Emperor of Tamriel. He succeeded his aunt, the Empress Morihatha, who was assassinated in 3E 339. Pelagius' mother, Eloisa, had died four years prior to his ascension, thus making the 25-year-old Pelagius the first in line for the Septim throne.


Pelagius Septim IV's rule was one of integration throughout Tamriel, continuing on the work of Morihatha Septim; but, despite his beneficial traits and patience, the progress he made was slow. This is largely because the kingdoms had been free of constraint for so long, even a benign influence was seen as odious.[1] The eastern province of Morrowind still remained relatively alienated from the Empire, its customs differing strongly from the Empire's, and its rulers being largely unreceptive of the Empire's diplomacy. Closer to home, however, small kingdoms were gradually integrating further with the Empire and its culture. After Pelagius' 29-year reign, the Empire was more united than it had been for hundreds of years. Scholars agreed that the Empire had not seen such unity since the reign of Uriel Septim I.


Pelagius died in 3E 368,[2] at the age of 54, of internal problems. He was succeeded by his son, Uriel Septim VII, who swore on his father's deathbed to continue the work Pelagius had begun to unite all the provinces across Tamriel.



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