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The state of Pelletine, otherwise known as Pa'alatiin[1] located in the southern regions of Elsweyr, is one of the two states that existed before Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pelletine combined their long-feuding kingdoms to create the Elsweyr Confederacy in 2E 309.

The Confederacy lasted throughout its assimilation into the Tamrielic Empire before being torn back into the two separate states. It once was following a Thalmor-supported coup d'état. Pelletine now exists as a client state of the Third Aldmeri Dominion.

The southern regions of Elsweyr are dominated by dense jungles and woodland, similar to that of neighbouring Valenwood, the climate of which has influenced the culture of the Pelletine Khajiit as much as that of their counterparts to the North. It is presumed that the head of state in Pelletine remains to be that of the religious Khajiit Mane, who resides in the city of Torval. The society of Pelletine itself seems to be deeply involved in the process of trade and the production of the hallucinogenic moon sugars, which hold cultural and religious value in Khajiiti society. The aristocracy of Pelletine is known to own the vast groves and plantations devoted to growing this lucrative and often controversial drug.


After the Oblivion Crisis, the province of Elsweyr was damaged as a result of Daedra attacks, but still a part of the Empire. Once the two moons, Masser and Secunda, disappeared during the Void Nights, the province was thrown into chaos, as a large part of Khajiiti culture revolves around the interpretation of the lunar cycle. After two years, the moons returned, with the Thalmor claiming to have restored them with Dawn Magicks, and were able to gain a large amount of influence over Elsweyr. As a result, the Empire was unable to respond to a coup in 4E 115 which dissolved the Elsweyr Confederacy, recreating Anequina and Pelletine.[2]


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