Sabre cat snow pelt

Pelts are items found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Pelts are animal skins that can be used at a tanning rack to create usable leather.

Pelts normally refers to animal skins taken from carnivorous or omnivorous animals, this is what differentiates them from hides. These animals include: bears, wolves, sabre cats, and foxes.

The pelts can be bought from or sold to merchants.


Type ID Pelt
Bear Pelt 0003AD52 Bear Pelt
Cave Bear Pelt 0003AD53 CaveBearPelt
Deer Pelt 000CF89E TESV Deer Pelt
Fox Pelt 000D4B35 Fox pelt side
Ice Wolf Pelt 0003AD75 Icewolfpelt
Sabre Cat Pelt 0003AD6D TESV Sabre Cat Pelt
Sabre Cat Snow Pelt 0003AD6E Sabre cat snow pelt
Snow Bear Pelt 0003AD54 Snow bear pelt
Snow Fox Pelt 000D4BE7 FoxPeltSnow
Wolf Pelt 0003AD74 Wolf Pelt


  • An undisclosed pelt can be found via the Dawnguard DLC. The pelt labelled "Werewolf Pelt" is located in Castle Volkihar. It can be found in one of the display cases in the room where Lord Harkon sits, in front of a cage and fireplace. Unlike other pelts, the Werewolf Pelt cannot be crafted into anything else; it is merely a decoration.
  • Hitting certain pelts with a weapon will cause them to leave blood spatters. Unarmed punches have no effect.
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