The Penitus Oculatus Armor is a light armor set in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is worn only by the Penitus Oculatus.


Taken from the Penitus Oculatus Agents, in Dragon Bridge or Castle Dour, killed during the Dark Brotherhood quests — "To Kill an Empire," "Breaching Security" and "Death Incarnate." It can also be looted from the corpses of their wearers during the "Battle for Solitude" in the Civil War questline.

Can also be obtained before or after the "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!" quest by casting Fury at the single Agent in the Dragon Bridge HQ and allowing Commander Maro to kill them.


The Penitus Oculatus Armor is a black, tight-fitting armor with a pleated girdle and bears semblance to the style of armor used by the Praetorian Guard, from Imperial Rome – the inspiration for the Imperial Legion.

The insignia on the breast displays the symbol of the Cyrodilic Emperor, the Amulet of Kings, with an eye in the middle of the diamond. In Latin, Oculatus roughly translates as 'seeing' and this motif is fitting for the Emperor's bodyguards.

The design overall is identical to the unique cuirass worn by General Tullius, albeit in black and silver as opposed to red and gold as well as being less ornate.

Attributes by piece

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Gold ID
Penitus Oculatus Armor 25 6 75 000D3EA0
Penitus Oculatus Boots 7 1 15 000D3EA7
Penitus Oculatus Bracers 7 1 15 000D3EAB
Penitus Oculatus Helmet 12 1 35 000D3EAA
Total 51 9 140


  • While wearing the armor, guards may sometimes comment saying, "That armor, are you one of the Emperor's protectors? Can't say that I envy you of that job."
  • After completion of the Dark Brotherhood questline, wearing the armor may cause guards to comment with, "That armor, are you one of the Emperor's protectors? Not very good at your job, are you?"
  • The Dragonborn can equip a circlet and the helmet at the same time.


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  • The Penitus Oculatus helmet may be worn at the same time as a circlet, similar to the bug for the Falmer Helmet.
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