Percius Mercius is an Imperial Drillmaster, and steward of the Fighters Guild in Ald'ruhn. He gives the Nerevarine the most difficult initial quest of any Fighters Guild steward. He also offers advice on most Fighters Guild quests.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

House Redoran[edit | edit source]

Redoran Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Acquire some guards for the stronghold at Bal Isra.

Fighters Guild[edit | edit source]

The Necromancer of Vas[edit | edit source]

With the help of a Buoyant Armiger, clean out a den of Necromancers in Vas.

Beneran's Bounty[edit | edit source]

A murderer named Nerer Beneran is hiding in Sargon. Go there and kill him.

Bandits in Suran[edit | edit source]

Kill the bandits for Serjo Avon Oran.

Flin for Elith-Pal[edit | edit source]

Deliver some Flin to the Elith-Pal Mine near Red Mountain.

Remove Sjoring's Supporters[edit | edit source]

Kill a pair of corrupted Fighters Guild members.

Kill Hard-Heart[edit | edit source]

Kill the Master of the Fighters Guild.

Thieves Guild[edit | edit source]

Speak with Percius[edit | edit source]

Convince Percius to aid the Thieves Guild against the Camonna Tong.

Items[edit | edit source]

Magicka[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Redoran Stronghold

"Well, speak up, Dark Elf (Race). What do you want? Are you here to join the Fighters Guild?"

hire guards "I know a few men who can garrison your stronghold, and I'll even recommend them to you for free. But first you'll have to get my friend, Frelene Acques out of prison. She's being held in the prison under the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. Find a way to get her out and report back to me."

After dealing with Frelene:

"Well, speak up, Dark Elf (Race). What do you want? Are you here to join the Fighters Guild?"

hire guards "Oh? You were able to get Frelene Acques out? I will take you word for it. I'll have a few of our better fighters sent over to your stronghold, Nerevarine (Player name)."
hire guards "If you have any trouble with your guards, let me know about it."
Speak with Percius

"Well, speak up, Dark Elf (Race). What do you want? Are you here to join the Fighters Guild?"

help us fight "I can tell you what I know. Hrundi in Sadrith Mora used to be my second in command. He's a good man, and he might be persuaded to join your cause. I hesitate to suggest this, but if you can't convince him, Hrundi has a lover. A Dunmer from what I hear. If you find her, you can convince Hrundi to join your cause. Eydis Fire-Eye is a good fighter, but there's always been something dark about her. I found out just recently what that was. She's a worshipper of Clavicus Vile. I don't know how you can use this information. I'm sure she can't be blackmailed. The new Master of the Fighters Guild is Sjoring Hard-Heart. He owers too much Camonna Tong gold to back out now. There's no way you can convince him. You'll have to kill him."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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