Perennia Draconis is an Imperial farmer living on the Applewatch farm. She is a poor old woman with four moved-out children and only has her dog Jake with her now.



Next of KinEdit

The objective given through the Dead Drop Orders 2, is to eliminate the entire Draconis family, five targets in total. The only information given at the start of the quest is the location of Perennia Draconis, the mother of the family. She mistakes the Hero for a gift-delivery worker, and promptly gives them their locations. Once she does this, they can kill her and continue with the quest.


Next of KinEdit

"Oh! Hello, there. I'm sorry, you startled me. My nerves get rattled rather easily these days, I'm afraid. Living alone will do that to you. Now, is there something I can help you with?"

I'm looking for your children. "My children? Whatever for? Oh! Oh, dear, excuse an old woman's stupidity! You're here to pick up my gift list! Using your gift service was the smartest thing I've ever done. My children are spread across Cyrodiil, and it's so hard to shop for them all! So, here's the list of all my precious little ones, though I dare say they're not so little anymore! Ha ha ha ha ha! They grow up so fast, I swear! You'll notice that the list gives each child's location and some suggestions for gifts. Oh, and here's the gold I'm supposed to give you. Now please go. Those children are so dear to me, and I'd really like you to get them something special. Thanks again!"
You and your children must die. "What? Excuse me? Did... did you say die? My... my children? No... No! Don't hurt my precious babies! I won't let you!"
(Say nothing.) "Oh. Well... all right, then. I guess I'll be going about my business. Goodbye."

(If approached again after getting the gift list)
"Oh, back again? I don't know what else you could need. I gave you the list. That should tell you where you can find my children, and what they want. Now please, make sure my gifts get to the children. I'm counting on you!"


  • When killed she will receive a tombstone at Applewatch with the epitaph: "Here lies Perennia Draconis, kind and gentle matron of the Draconis family. May her spirit forever curse the murderer who stole her precious life."
    • If the Hero activates her tombstone, she will attack them as a ghost.


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