Pergan Asuul is a shadowmage in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey who appears three times throughout the game. While Jagar Tharn wishes to control the Umbra' Keth for world domination, it is Pergan who comes the closest, and thus is often cited as the main antagonist of the game.

He first appears in Twilight Temple, and drops the Twilight Shadowkey. He later appears in Lakvan's Stronghold and attacks once again, but this time it is revealed that his association to Tharn is being strained due to his wish for the Umbra' Keth to himself. He finally appears in the Crypt of Hearts II trying to control the Umbra' Keth, and must be killed to continue to the final battle with the Shadow of Conflict.[1]

Pergan Asuul strives to take the place of Azra Nightwielder in terms of the research of Shadow Magic.[2]


Find Azra NightwielderEdit

Locate Azra, deep below the Fearfrost Caverns.



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