Pergan Asuul is a shadowmage in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey who has three physical appearances throughout the game. He and Jagar Tharn's interests overlapped during the War of Bend'r-Mahk, where both wanted to capture Skelos Undriel for different reasons. Pergan wanted to in order to gain an advantage in the shadows to summon the in summoning the Umbra' Keth. But Jagar only wanted to have one less enemy to worry about. It is Pergan who summons the creature, and thus is often cited as the main antagonist of the game.

He first appears in Twilight Temple, and drops the Twilight Shadowkey. He later appears in Lakvan's Stronghold and attacks once again, but this time it is revealed that his association to Tharn is being strained due to his wish for the Umbra' Keth to himself. He finally appears in the Crypt of Hearts II trying to control the Umbra' Keth, and must be killed to continue to the final battle with the Shadow of Conflict.[1]

Pergan Asuul strives to take the place of Azra Nightwielder in terms of the research of Shadow Magic.[2]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Skyrim Sympathizer's Map or Clear Earthtear Caverns[edit | edit source]

While either searching for the Skyrim Map for Tanyin Aldwyr, or just clearing Earthtear Caverns on behalf of Skelos Undriel, the Hero obtained the Spider's Shadowkey and used it to open Pergan's Shadowgate. Upon doing so the Hero heard his voice say '"You..."' before it was dispelled. Beyond the Shadowgate they found Azra's Bandage inside of a crystal, and upon taking it heard Pergan's voice for the second time, informing them that neither the Shadowkey nor the Bandage were meant for you, and that what they take from him will be repayed thricefold.

Trailslag's Goods, Witch Tree 1, Witch Tree 3, Volstok Violet Resurrection, and Goblin Rescue 2[edit | edit source]

Either to open the Shadowgate and return the Shaman Headress to Ivgrizt in the Twilight Temple, in exchange for Olpac Trailslag's pack, to defeat Pergan for The Witch Tree, or to get the Twilight Shadowkey to resurrect Volstok Violet, the Hero had to defeat Pergan Asuul's first incarnation, which held the Twilight Shadowkey. When confronted, he told the Hero that he tasted their shadow in Earthtear Caverns. Upon being defeated, his body melted into a dark pool as he declared that it was foretold that thrice they would fight, and that this time he was only measuring the Hero's power.

Find Azra Nightweilder and Mage's Identity[edit | edit source]

After finding Azra Nightwielder in Fearfrost Caverns 2, the Hero searches Lakvan's Stronghold for information regarding Azra's identity. Here the Hero found Pergan's second incarnation, where he taunted the Hero before they fought for the second time. This time, in his escape, he declares that not even your umbral connection with Azra will be enough to help you. This triggers Azra's memory.

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