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Perks are types of skills in The Elder Scrolls: Blades that the fugitive has access to and can spend skill points on. They are all passive and do not use up stamina or magicka. The Fugitive can upgrade, unlock, or boost perks with necklaces that have bonus enchantments.

List of perks[edit | edit source]

Elemental Protection Armsman
Augmented Flames Load Bearer Barbarian Scout
Willpower Matching Set Advanced Tempering Combat Focus
Augmented Frost Enchantment Synergy Augmented Poison
Augmented Shock Healing Surge
Maximum Power Mettle

The above table displays spells top-down—the game may display it bottom-up—while also matching the prerequisites. All abilities, Perks, and Skills in Blades require only one skill to unlock the next, even if they are connected by two. They are only connected vertically in this table.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

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Elemental Protection
+{0} Block Rating against elemental damage while blocking with a shield.

+{0} Damage with versatile weapons (longswords, war axes, and maces).

Augmented Flames
Increases fire damage by {0}.

Load Bearer
Increases inventory size by {0}.

+{0} Damage with heavy weapons (greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers).

+{0} Damage with light weapons (daggers, hand axes, and light hammers).

Recover up to {0} points of the Magicka spent on an interrupted spell.

Matching Set
+{0} Armor Rating while wearing a matched set of armor (armor, helmet, gauntlets, and boots).

Advanced Tempering
Increases the Smithy's maximum tempering level by {0}, up to level {1}.

Combat Focus
+{0} Resistance to all damage while using an ability.

Augmented Frost
Increases frost damage by {0}.

Enchantment Synergy
Stacked enchantments are {0}% more effective.

Augmented Poison
Increases poison damage by {0}.

Augmented Shock
Increases shock damage by {0}.

Healing Surge
Increases Health regeneration while Stamina is high, by up to {0} per second.

Maximum Power
Spells are {0}% more effective when cast while Magicka is full.

Abilities are {0}% more effective while Health is critical.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Perks do not use any magica or stamina, and early upgrades can provide substantial help to the Fugitive. They are most effective in the long term, with effects that stack up together over time. For example, some perks boost damage, and others increase the inventory size, allowing for additional weapons and poisons to be used. Probability is the biggest boon augmentation perks and others bring; over many fights, a significant amount of gold may be saved.

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