Peryite (in Daedric script, Daedric PDaedric EDaedric RDaedric YDaedric IDaedric TDaedric E) is one of the group of seventeen strongest Daedra known as Daedric Princes. Among mortals, he is considered the Lord of Pestilence[source?]; among the Daedra, he is charged with ordering the lower planes of Oblivion.[1][UL 1] Despite his dragon-like appearance, he is considered one of the weakest of the Daedric Princes.


In terms of direct interaction, Peryite is one of the least known of the Daedric Princes, not being recorded by name in the history of any known Tamrielic culture.[source?] When he does appear to mortals, he usually takes the form of a large dragon, wyrm, or an aspect of a gathering of large rats. Even among those mages with the skill and knowledge to travel to the planes of Oblivion, Peryite's Pits are impossible to enter. This may explain why, when his followers in Cyrodiil attempted to contact him, their souls appeared to be stuck on Mehrunes Dagon's Oblivion plane, the Deadlands. Not knowing what the Pits look like, it is impossible to tell where the souls were actually trapped.

Peryite has a shrine in Skyrim, north-east of Markarth. Peryite's Shrine in Cyrodiil is located next to the Silverfish River.

It is said that Peryite's worshipers are to regard his likeness to that of Akatosh as some curious and primordial jest of sorts.[UL 1]


Indirectly, Peryite has influenced the lives of nearly every mortal inhabitant of Nirn throughout history; he is the Lord of Pestilence, the cause of many plagues and pandemic diseases. He is typically listed along with princes such as Molag Bal and Vaermina as one of the few truly evil Daedric Lords, in the mortal Man and Mer sense of the word.

It is said that the goddess Kyne gives Peryite the souls of skeevers when they die.[2]

Beyond his interaction with the mortal world, Peryite is believed to have a specific duty within the realms of Oblivion. He is known as the Taskmaster, and seems to be charged with maintaining the proper order among the lesser Daedric species and the lower planes of Oblivion. He and his followers frequently cite their desire to see the "natural order" maintained. This appears to be distinctly different from the meaning of "order" as applied to Jyggalag. Peryite works to maintain the proper, normal order among the Daedric races, while Jyggalag works to impose an unnaturally rigid order upon the planes of existence.[source?]


Peryite can be summoned in his shrine by offering him a silver ingot, a deathbell flower, vampire dust and a flawless ruby.[3]

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