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Pets are special creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online as a type of vanity companion for the Vestige.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The primary way to obtain pets is through the Crown Store, with prices ranging from 400 to 1,200 Crowns, or through special promotions, events and packs. Players can still use pets acquired from the discontinued subscriber loyalty program, promotional giveaways and limited time offers on the Crown Store.

List of pets[edit | edit source]

Crown Store pets[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all pets released on the Crown Store:

Image Pet Species Default name Crowns Description Notes
Banekin Pet.png Banekin Banekin Ornery 400 Though unwilling to fight, this Daedric minion will follow you loyally--for now.
Daedrat.jpg Daedrat Daedric Rat Twitchy 500 This scurrying vermin from Oblivion would be lost in the vastness of Nirn without a loyal companion and guide. Even a Daedric rodent needs a friend. Released alongside the launch of the Imperial City DLC.
Scamp Pet.png Daedric Scamp Scamp Stinker 700 A foul-smelling Daedric minion, who will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you.
Fiendroth.png Fiendroth Daedric Bug Evil Weevil 700 Who doesn't want to be followed around by a hulking, armored Daedric bug with steel mandibles and a venomous stinger? It eats nothing but the cries and lamentations of your enemies, so it's an easy keeper. And it's friendly, too—in its way.
Jackdaw Daedrat.png Jackdaw Daedrat Daedric Rat Pestiferous 700 The planes of Oblivion are infinite in their variation—and so are their vermin. The Jackdaw Daedrat is a bony Daedric rodent that likes to collect shiny things like your jewelry, and nip and nibble at things it shouldn't. But at least it's cute, right?
Image Pet Species Default name Crowns Description Notes
Abacean Cat.jpg Abecean Ratter Cat Cat Caramel 400 The Abecean Ratter is famed from Hegathe to Woodhearth as a prime rodent-catcher.
Alliance War Dog.png Alliance War Dog Dog Bruiser 1,000 War dogs can be found in the armies of all three Alliances, mainly in the capacity of aides to the military police. They are as loyal to their masters as they are savage to their enemies.
Alik'r Dune-Hound.png Alik'r Dune-Hound Dog Sandy 400 The Dune-Hound is the loyal dog of the Redguard hunters of the Alik'r.
Black Cat.png Black Cat Cat Salem 700 This black cat knows things you cannot know, and sees things you cannot see. But that is the nature of all black cats, is it not? Available on the Crown Store for a limited time in February 2017. Originally available only to Japanese players as part of a promotion for the Japanese edition of The Elder Scrolls Online through amazon.co.jp.
Bravil Retriever.png Bravil Retriever Dog Dogdroth 400 The Bravil Retriever loves the water, and is a favorite hunter's companion from Anvil to Gideon.
Dragontail Goat.png Dragontail Goat Goat William 400 The brown Goats of the Dragontail Mountains are stronger than they look. There's a saying in Hammerfell: "Hits as hard as a Dragontail ram!"
Housecat.png Housecat Cat Deathstare 400 This green-eyed feline is a distant relative of the Alfiq Khajiit.
Markarth Bear-Dog.png Markarth Bear-Dog Dog Furball 700 Bear-Dogs are such fierce and courageous fighters, the hunters of Western Skyrim use small packs of them to pursue wild bears. The Bear-Dogs track, corner, and harry the bears until the hunters can arrive with their spears. Afterward the dogs trot home alongside their masters to share in the subsequent feast.
Psijic Domino Pig.png Psijic Domino Pig Pig Darlin 400 Originally bred on the Isle of Artaeum, the black-and-white Domino Pig is so smart it can count to five and learn to recognize its name.
Sanguine's Black Goat.png Sanguine's Black Goat Goat Whisper 400 A goat bred to take part in Daedric rituals? Nonsense. It's just a goat. Isn't it? But why does it look at you like that? And did it just … whisper? No. That can't be. It's just a goat!
Shornhelm Shepherd.png Shornhelm Shepherd Dog Hackles 400 This hardy dog was bred for herding sheep in the rugged terrain of Rivenspire. No longer available.
Windhelm Wolfhound.png Windhelm Wolfhound Dog Wurfles 400 Descended from royal hunting dogs, Windhelm Wolfhounds are known as steadfast companions. This pet is also included with the Starter Pack available on the Crown Store.
Image Pet Species Default name Crowns Description Notes
Amber Ash Hopper.png Amber Ash Hopper Ash Hopper Ald'Skippy 700 The perky Amber Ash Hopper is a favorite pet of Dunmer expatriates, as it's relatively low maintenance (it digs its own hole in the ground), and it reminds the Dark Elves of home on the slopes of Red Mountain.
Baby Netch Pet.png Baby Netch Netch Bulgy 700 What could be more appealing than a hovering football-sized odorous gas bag trailing a half-dozen squirming tentacles? Once this young Netch calf imprints on a master, it will follow him or her anywhere, floating along and tootling happily.
Bal Foyen Nix-Hound.png Bal Foyen Nix-Hound Nix-Hound Skeeter 400 Who says a giant, aggressive, blood-sucking insect can't make a loveable pet? Not the Dark Elves of Bal Foyen, who breed them as trackers, watch-hounds, and netch-deflators. Befriend one of these twitchy little arthropods, and it'll follow you everywhere!
Bantam Guar Preview.jpg Bantam Guar Bantam Guar Squeee 400 According to the calculations of the sages of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, the bantam guar is the cutest creature in all Tamriel. No longer available as a stand-alone purchase.
Still available as part of the Adventurer Pack bundle on the Crown Store.
Bitter Coast Cliff Strider.png Bitter Coast Cliff Strider Cliff Strider Shrieky 700 Thetys Ramarys of Balmora says, “Isn't it adorable? I love our Bitter Coast Cliff Striders, but feel bad that they can't fly well. So I'm breeding them into a strain that, one day, will dominate the Vvardenfell skies, pursuing its prey for great distances!
Black Bear Cub.png Black Bear Cub Bear Roly-Poly 1,000 The Black Bear Cub is both playful and affectionate, and is so adorable it's quickly forgiven for whatever trouble it gets into. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from February 18–22, 2016.
Blue Oasis Dragon Frog.png Blue Oasis Dragon Frog Frog Topaz 700 The comical Blue Oasis Dragon Frog is native to Hew's Bane, and before they were bred as pets and widely exported, they could be found only on that Hammerfell peninsula. These little bug-eaters are popular mascots at open-air taverns, and can be trained to puff out small flames to light Bosmeri bug-smoke pipes.
Cave Bear Cub.png Cave Bear Cub OR Bear Honeymuzzle 700 The Cave Bear Cub may miss its mountain home, but that just makes it twice as loyal to its mortal companion.
Clockwork Skeevaton.png Clockwork Skeevaton CC Skeever Fabricant Skweex 700 Originally designed for probing tiny, inaccessible areas of the Clockwork City, the mechanical Skeevaton can be set to recognize and follow an individual mortal, replicating pet behavior on the surface of Nirn.
Colovian Badger Pet.jpg Colovian Badger Badger Grumps 700 Though Badgers mainly eat burrowing rodents, farmers hate them because they'll take chickens, kwama scribs, and bantam guar if they get the chance. Cranky and irritable, they make terrible pets—which is why they're favorites among the Undaunted.
Craglorn Welwa.png Craglorn Welwa Welwa [?] 700 Cute'? What use have I for 'cute'? I am Undaunted—give me a monster!" Credit for the irresponsible and foolhardy project of domesticating the Craglorn Welwa is usually claimed by the Iron Orcs, who were looking for ways to prove they're “more bad-tusk" than the Orcs of Wrothgar or Skyrim.
Desert Lynx.png Desert Lynx Lynx Tufts 700 The Desert Lynx, or caracal lynx, is native to south central Tamriel, roaming the savannahs from Corinthe in Elsweyr as far north as the West Weald in Cyrodiil. It's the totem animal of the pastoral Khajiiti tribes, and assists with managing the herds.
Dire Pony.jpg Dire Pony Horse [?] 1,200 When you always wanted a pony as a child and your parents wouldn't let you have one, so you grew up bitter and tormented and became a dark cultist, but now you can finally afford a pony!
Fennec Fox.jpg Fennec Fox Fox Li'l Vixen 700 A native of Hammerfell, the Fennec Fox has been domesticated by many of its desert peoples, and makes an alert and loyal pet.
Freckled Guar.png Freckled Guar Guar S'wit 700 Known in Deshaan as loyal pals, the Freckled is the most intelligent breed of guar.
Haj Mota Hatchling.png Haj Mota Hatchling Haj Mota Shelbert 1,000 Though it may someday grow into a horrific face-eating behemoth, when it's young the Haj Mota Hatchling is undeniably cute. For a while, they are trainable, come when called, and happily waddle after their masters wherever they may go. Do not hand feed.
Hearthfire Hatchling.png Hearthfire Hatchling Kagouti [?] 1,200 Hearthfire Hatchlings, which are found only in an orphaned state, appear to be the offspring of a normal kagouti and one of the Hearthfire variety. Driven away by ordinary kagouti, these hatchlings are in urgent need of adoption!
Helstrom Ancestor Lizard.png Helstrom Ancestor Lizard Lizard Princess 400 Some scholars believe Argonians are descended—or were uplifted—from these tree-dwelling swamp lizards. True or not, they make great pets, affectionate and low-maintenance.
Infernal Sep Adder.png Infernal Sep Adder Sep Adder Atrocity 1,000 Though it may look like it just crawled from the depths of the Deadlands, the Infernal Sep Adder is actually native to the higher altitudes of Hammerfell. As pets, they are … not exactly affectionate. Great conversation starters, though. Wear heavy gauntlets when handling.
Karthwolf Shepherd.png Karthwolf Shepherd Wolf Icepack 1,000 The Reachmen use their domesticated ice wolves to protect their clans' livestock. They also keep the herds healthy, as the Karthwolves themselves will cull out the weaklings.
Kindlespit Dragon Frog.png Kindlespit Dragon Frog Frog Heartburn 700 This green-eyed feline is a distant relative of the Alfiq Khajiit.
Moonlight Senche-Tiger.png Moonlight Senche-Tiger Senche Secunda 700 The Moonlight Senche-Tigers have been the sleek and silvery guardians of the Khajiiti temples of the moons ever since the revelation of the Riddle'Thar. The Moon Bishops say that the Moonlight Senche just … knows things of which no other tiger is aware.
Northern Lynx.png Northern Lynx Lynx Jarlcat 700 Native to Tamriel's northern forests, in the wild the Lynx lives on a diet of rabbits, hares, and skeevers. Domesticated, the brown Northern Lynx makes a dignified and stylish animal companion, popular with the Nord aristocracy.
Pocket Mammoth.png Pocket Mammoth Mammoth Nosy 700 The Orcs of Wrothgar originally bred Pocket Mammoths small in order to make them more manageable as livestock, but Orcs will be Orcs: a few ranches got raided, some of the little trunkers escaped, and they began breeding in the wild. Fortunately, they're easily domesticated, especially if you get one when it's young.
Sabre Cat Cub.png Sabre Cat Cub Sabre Cat [?] 1,000 Sabre Cats are the monarchs of the north, mighty and majestic hunters that rule the wintry plains and tundra by sheer strength and savagery–but, Daedra take it, they sure are cute when they're cubs!
Senche-Lion Cub.png Senche-Lion Cub Senche Kitty Claws 700 If you domesticate a Senche-Lion Cub when it's young enough, it will follow you everywhere, no matter how dangerous. And it will remain safe from all harm, while your enemies will burn from the cuteness.
Sep Adder Pet.png Sep Adder Sep Adder Scaly Death 700 These flying vipers may have short tempers and nasty dispositions, but wait till you see their cute crimson eyes! With time, some of them can even be trained not to inject poison when they bite. Need that nest of skeevers cleared out of your cellar? Here's the perfect pet!
Seht's Dovah-Fly (Pet).png Seht's Dovah-Fly Giant Insect [?] 1,000 These are clearly fabricants, clockwork simulations of living creatures, with the distinctive appearance of the handiwork of Sotha Sil. But if so, how did they escape Clockwork City? And why do they make such loyal pets? No one knows. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from August 31 to September 4, 2017.
Shadowghost Pony.png Shadowghost Pony Horse [?] 700 Are they real pets, or the stuff of dreams? It's said that to catch a Shadowghost Pony, one should seek out a cemetery on a dark night during Witches Festival and wait quietly near the grave of a child. Bring a carrot or sweet apple. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from October 5–9, 2017.
Skeletal Pack Wolf.png Skeletal Pack Wolf Undead Wolf [?] [?] When the Two Moons are full, the undead wolf pack rises from the grave, they point their canine craniums at the sky, and try to howl—but the only sound is a dismal rattling in their bony throats. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from November 13–16, 2017.
Skeletal Pony Guar.png Skeletal Pony Guar Undead Guar [?] [?] Shouldn't an animated skeleton always be a thing of fear and revulsion? This necromantic Pony Guar might change your mind about that! Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from November 6–9, 2017.
Skeletal Senche-Leopard.png Skeletal Senche-Leopard Undead Senche [?] [?] Is Necromancy always wrong? Not even death can stop this loyal Senche-Leopard from stalking to adventure at your side! Those Worm Cult folks may have a point, after all. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from November 20–23, 2017.
Snow Bear Cub.png Snow Bear Cub Bear Sugarfur 1,000 The Snow Bear is known for its fierceness, but its cub is as cute as a bug—maybe two bugs! Even in the direst of circumstances, you're certain to keep your spirits up with a roly-poly Snow Bear Cub tagging at your heels. Available for a limited time on the Crown Store from December 10–14, 2015.
Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard.jpg Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard Senche [?] 1,000 Even for the elusive Senche-Leopard, the Spotted Snow is a rare variety. Despite its frosty-looking fur, this adorable companion makes for a great cuddle buddy during long winter nights. Mind the claws!
Steam-Driven Brassilisk.jpg Steam-Driven Brassilisk Brassilisk Pressure Valve Free With soul gems in short supply, the Clockwork Apostles invented this experimental Brassilisk powered by steam stored under high pressure. Available exclusively to PC and Mac players and can be purchased for free until December 31st, 2017.
Striated Pony Guar.png Striated Pony Guar Guar Wobble 400 A favorite household pet in Morrowind, the Striated Pony Guar is a glutton for affection. No longer available.
Striped Senche-Panther.png Striped Senche-Panther Senche Indigo 700 The elegant senche-panther is a distant relative of the Khajiit, though it cannot speak like the cat-folk.
Sylvan Nixad.png Sylvan Nixad Nixad Crimson Dancer 700 Once a common sight in Cyrodiil's Great Forest, the Sylvan Nixad is now most often encountered in the glades and meadows of the Gold Coast. Once tamed, they make charming companions, loyal and easy to care for.
Turquoise Nixad Pet.jpg Turquoise Nixad Nixad Beryl 700 Scholars think the iridescent blue Turquoise Nixad must have inherent magical properties, because those wings certainly aren't big enough to enable it to fly. Yet fly it does, flitting about like a beautiful human-shaped hummingbird moth. They live on a diet of treacle and poetry.
Crown Store White River Ice Wolf Pup.png White River Ice Wolf Pup Wolf Wurf 1,000 The Ice Wolves that lope along the White River of northeast Skyrim are associated with both the goddess Mara and the Wolf Totem of Atmora—but it's mighty hard to think about their mythic stature when you're rolling around in the snow with an Ice Wolf Puppy. Wurf!
Vvardvark.png Vvardvark Vvardvark [?] 700 Many an unwary traveler has met an untimely end at the claws of a Senche-Panther under the thick canopies of Valenwood. This solitary distant relative of the Khajiit has an uncanny intelligence and rarely befriends Men or Elves, but it remains a lifelong companion to any it deems worthy.

Crown Crate pets[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of all pets rewarded through Crown Crates:

Season one: Storm Atronach
Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Black Mask Bear-Dog.png Black Mask Bear-Dog Dog Nightbiter 100 Crown Gems This variant of the Bear-Dog is a favorite of the Markarth Watch - and of the thieves who attempt to evade them. The Watch uses them to sniff out trouble, while the outlaws employ them to keep an eye out for the Watch! Legendary reward
Chub Loon Pet.png Chub Loon Chub Loon Waddles 40 Crown Gems A denizen of Tamriel's northern shores, the Chub Loon survives on the bounty of the sea, dining on small fish of all types. Though clumsy and awkward on shore, it flies gracefully and is a nimble swimmer. Best of all, they make affectionate pets. Epic reward
Clouded Senche-Leopard Cub.png Clouded Senche-Leopard Cub Senche Li'l Thundercloud 100 Crown Gems Of all the varieties of wild Senche-Cats, the Clouded Leopard may be the most beautiful. Their Cubs love to play-fight and stalk tiny bugs with the most hilariously serious expressions Legendary reward
[?] Orchid Nixad Nixad Periwinkle 100 Crown Gems The rarest of these fay creatures is the Orchid Nixad, said to be sacred to the goddess Dibella, and found only in wild places hallowed to her worship. It's known that the Empress Tavia had an Orchid Nixad as a friend and companion. Legendary reward
Purple Daggerback.png Purple Daggerback Daggerback Pricklypear 40 Crown Gems The glowing Purple Daggerback boar is found only in Craglorn in the vicinity of the Spellscar, from which it seems to have absorbed some sort of magical aura. Epic reward
[?] Red Pit Wolf Pup Wolf Scrapper 100 Crown Gems The Red Pit Wolves of Skyrim are known for their aggression and ferocity, and you can see that even in their puppies, adorable as they are. They love to play, but that means play-fighting, so expect to get chewed on as you tussle! Legendary reward
Rosy Netch Calf.png Rosy Netch Calf Netch [?] 100 Crown Gems The reddish, or "Rosy" Netches are native to the foyadas of the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell, where they live in a semi-wild state subject to the occasional round-ups of the Netchimen. The calves, sulfurous odor aside, are quite adorable. Legendary reward
Tangerine Dragon Frog.png Tangerine Dragon Frog Dragon Frog Flamekisser 100 Crown Gems The slug-like Sloads of Thras bred the flame-hued Tangerine Dragon Frog so they could be spotted more easily in their archipelago's murky lagoons. Some say they were bred to be pets, but the Sload word for them translates as "snacks." Epic reward
Season two: Wild Hunt
Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Ancestor Moth Swarm.png Ancestor Moth Swarm Ancestor Moth Fjyron 40 Crown Gems The Ancestor Moths that accompany some mystically-attuned mortals are more than mere insects - they are animated by the loving spirits of the dearly departed, and may grant wisdom and awareness to those they visit." -- Sister Terran Arminus Epic reward
Black Senche-Panther Kitten.png Black Senche-Panther Kitten Senche Keirgo 100 Crown Gems Rajhin the Purring Liar had so many shadows that some of them took on lives of their own, becoming Black Senche-Panthers who stalk freely through Elsweyr -- just like this kitten that plays with my tail. --Clan-Mother Ahnissi Legendary reward
Cobalt Sep Adder.png Cobalt Sep Adder Sep Adder [?] 100 Crown Gems The blue-scaled Cobalt Sep Adder is the rarest of the wild varieties, and almost never seen in captivity. They are particularly prized by the royalty of Hammerfell's contentious city-states, as they're said to be able to detect poison in drinks and food. Legendary reward
Dark Moons Lynx.png Dark Moons Lynx Lynx [?] 100 Crown Gems The Khajiit of Corinthe believe the all-black Dark Moons Lynx is the worldly incarnation of Southpaw, the feline companion to Rahjin the Footpad, god of thieves. It's said Southpaw keeps watch while Rajhin is breaking and entering Legendary reward
[?] Doom Wolf Pup Wolf Vandal 100 Crown Gems When a Doom Wolf Pup looks at you with its big red eyes, you may just melt inside - but as soon as you turn your back, that little rascal will be shredding your embroidered Arenthian pillows and digging up your herbal garden. Legendary reward
Season three: Dwarven
Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Blue-Cap Shroom Shalk.png Blue-Cap Shroom Shalk Shalk [?] 40 Crown Gems For the Dark Elves, the Shroom Shalk is a companion animal that brings calm and serentiy to the Dunmeri home. There's just something so soothing about the way the blue fungal sprouts on its back gently wave and puff out spores as the beast putters about. Epic reward
Clockwork Shalk.png Clockwork Shalk Shalk [?] 100 Crown Gems The Clockwork Shalk is a fabricant from the hidden laboratories of Sotha Sil. It seems programmed to obey the master it imprints upon, but who knows what secret orders it will follow if events occur to trigger them? Legendary reward
Copperback Bear-Dog.png Copperback Bear-Dog Dog [?] 100 Crown Gems The Copperback variant of the Markarth Bear-Dog is renowned for its responsiveness to training, but keep an eye on it, or it will get into all sorts of mischief. Especially keep an eye on its eyes, which are two different colors! Legendary reward
Deep-Moss Ash Hopper.png Deep-Moss Ash Hopper Ash Hopper [?] 100 Crown Gems The Deep-Moss Ash Hopper is native to southern Vvardenfell, where it's most commonly found in the fungal-forested uplands and the coastal marshes. They've been adopted as mascot bugs by the Buoyant Armigers, who admire their green carapaces. Legendary reward
Dro-m'Athra Senche Cub.png Dro-m'Athra Senche Cub Senche Woe Kitty 100 Crown Gems Combine Adorable with Abominable, and what do you get? The dro-m'Athra Senche Cub, the cutest thing ever to come out of the Dark Behind the World. Dance, kitten, dance! Legendary reward
Molag Amur Cliff Strider.png Molag Amur Cliff Strider Cliff Strider [?] 40 Crown Gems The Molag Amur Cliff Strider is prized by reptilian connoisseurs because its coloration, though somber, is lightened by its subtle golden tones. And if startled, its squawk will cause passersby to jump and horses to bolt. Epic reward
Mossy Netch Calf.png Mossy Netch Calf Netch Emerald 100 Crown Gems The greenish, or "Mossy" Netches, are most commonly found in the West Gash region of northwest Vvardenfell. The calves are docile, even for Netches, and will happily follow along behind anyone who smells of their favorite fungi. Legendary reward
[?] Ninendava Sacred Goat Goat Hircine 40 Crown Gems The goats that come from the ruin of Ninendava in Cyrodiil are no mere domestic livestock. They have long been used in certain forbidden Daedric rituals—and have even been known to lead mortals through those arcane rites. Epic reward
Tuxedo Vvardvark.png Tuxedo Vvardvark Vvardvark Stibbons 40 Crown Gems The most popular conjecture about the origin of the Vvardvark is that it's a magical hybrid created by a rogue Telvanni wizard. The coloration of the Tuxedo Vvardvark, according to this theory, was intended to enable it to hide in a flock of chub loons. Epic reward
Season four: Reaper's Harvest
Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Shadowghost Guar Pet.jpg Shadowghost Guar Guar Shyscales 40 Crown Gems Rarely seen outside the ash clouds of Vvardenfell's great volcano, the little Shadowghost pony guar is scary cute. Epic reward
Shadowghost Pack Wolf.jpg Shadowghost Pack Wolf Wolf Mist Howler 40 Crown Gems Unlike their lone cousins, the great Shadowghost Wolf Mounts, the smaller Shadowghost Pack Wolves hunt on the darkest nights in howling groups. Separated from their packs, they make loyal companions. Epic reward
Shadowghost Senche-Panther.jpg Shadowghost Senche-Panther Senche Nightpouncer 40 Crown Gems In Elsweyr, being seen in the company of an uncanny Shadowghost Senche-Panther will put one under suspicion of being a Namiira cultist - or even a disguised dro-m'Athra. Epic reward
[?] Swarm of Crows Crow [?] 40 Crown Gems [?] Epic reward
Season five: Flame Atronach
Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Arctic Fennec Fox.jpg Arctic Fennec Fox Fox Powder 40 Crown Gems The Arctic Fennec is native to the snowy shores of Skyrim's Sea of Ghosts, and the local Nords, when they spot one romping in the drifts, respond with the traditional oath of "Shor's Ears!" Epic reward
Ebony Brassilisk.jpg Ebony Brassilisk Brassilisk [?] 100 Crown Gems This experimental variation on the standard Brassilisk has certain key components fabricated from an Ebony alloy for enhanced durability out in the storms of the Radius. Legendary reward
Mages Guild Sentry Cat.jpg Mages Guild Sentry Cat Cat N/A 100 Crown Gems These short-haired, large-eared cats are a common sight in Mages Guildhalls, where it's said their keen senses enable them to detect all manner of intruders, even those that are magically concealed or from realms of Oblivion Legendary reward
Prodigious Brass Mudcrab (Pet).jpg Prodigious Brass Mudcrab Mudcrab [?] 40 Crown Gems [?] Epic reward
Regal Dovah-Fly.jpg Regal Dovah-Fly Dovah-Fly Buzz F'lah 40 Crown Gems Many a Vvardenfell youngster growing up in the swamps of West Gash or the Bitter Coast remembers spending happy hours playing "dodge-dovah" with these hovering bug-buddies! If hand-raised from larval form, they can become devoted companion animals. Epic reward
Scorpion Fabricant.jpg Scorpion Fabricant Scorpion Fabricant Stinger 100 Crown Gems "Since our Incarnatoriums can be modified on almost any creature of Tamriel Above, why are Scorpion Fabricants of differing sizes so popular? They're our most-requested fabs!" says Clockwork Apostle Dringest. Legendary reward
[?] Senche-Leopard Cub Senche Motley 100 Crown Gems The Senche-Leopard is one of the most feared predators of the Tenmar Forest in central Elsweyr, but if one of its adorable cubs can be adopted when young, it makes a fiercely-loyal companion. Legendary reward

Other pets[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of pets released through other means, including, but not limited to in-game rewards, loyalty rewards, and exclusive content:

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Image Pet Species Default name Price Description Notes
Bristlegut Pig.jpg Bristlegut Piglet Pig Muddles N/A This cross between a domestic pig and a Skyrim boar is as loyal as it is adorable. Given with competitions and giveaways.
[?] Crony Scrib Scrib Grubchum N/A The caramel scrib crony is a quiet companion, devoted and easily housebroken. Code available with purchase of official Fighters Guild Journeyman figure from Symbiote Studios.[1]
Dusky Fennec Fox.jpg Dusky Fennec Fox Fennec Fox (Canines) Black-Ears N/A (Free) The Dusky or Midnight Fennec Fox is native to the high savannah of northern Elsweyr, and is often domesticated by nomadic tribes of Khajiit. It can only be obtained from the Day 14 of the June Daily Rewards.
Dwarven Spider Pet.jpg Dwarven Spider O:M Dwarven Spider Arachnimunculus N/A A loyal Dwarven Spider liberated from a Dwemer ruin, converted, using the "Neramo Method," to an unlocked and autonomous state that enables it to leave its original locale. Only available with the The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind collector's edition.
[?] Dwarven Theodolite O:M Dwemer Animunculi Busybody N/A This construct was a sort of automated measuring device designed to explore and survey subterranean areas, according to scholars of the lost Deep Elves - except for Narsis Dren, who insists it was an object of pursuit in Dwemeri team sports. Reward for reassembling its seven parts in Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell.
Dwarven War Dog.jpg Dwarven War Dog O:M Dog Bthunch N/A This loyal beast has been trained for warfare, and will stick with you through every kind of conflict. As a bonus, it comes outfitted in ancient Dwarven dog armor, canine barding as durable today as it was when it was first made many centuries in the past Only available with the Discovery Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.
Echalette pet.png Echalette OR Echatere Skitters N/A Full-grown echateres may be stubborn and ornery, but the baby Echalettes are playful and, frankly, just plain adorable. Once a young Echaletter bonds with its master, it becomes a devoted compation. Loyalty reward to players who own the Orsinium DLC.
Foxbat Brassilisk.png Foxbat Brassilisk Brassilisk Brassbones Free These mysterious green-glowing Brassilisks have been showing up in the environment outside the Brass Fortress. Some Clockwork Apostles suspect there’s a rogue Incarnatorium assembling them somewhere out in the Radius. Available exclusively to Xbox One players and can be purchased for free until December 31st, 2017.
Frisky Scrib.jpg Frisky Scrib
Scrib Larvie N/A This lambent little larva loves crawling alongside valorous adventurers! Exclusive to players who pre-ordered The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind for PlayStation 4.
High Hrothgar Wraith.jpg High Hrothgar Wraith Ice Wraith Tinsel N/A An ice wraith from the slopes of the highest mountain in Tamriel. Loyalty reward for three month paid subscribtion.
Imgakin Monkey.jpg Imgakin Monkey Monkey Raisins N/A The imgakin monkey pet is lively and cheerful, even in the grimmest of dungeons. Given to players who took part in the weekend PC Beta events.
Jackal Pet.png Jackal TG Jackal Mischief N/A The Jackal of Tamriel is called by some the "thieves' dog" because it's quick to sniff out sources of food, and clever enough to figure out how to get at them. Once tamed, they serve as loyal companions. Loyalty reward to players who own the Thieves Guild DLC.
Loyal Dwarven Sphere.jpg Loyal Dwarven Sphere Dwarven Sphere Gyro N/A A Dwarven Sphere of the long-lost Dwemer. Loyalty reward for six month paid subscribtion.
[?] Necrotic Hoarvor Hoarvor Pustule N/A Your new best friend is a giant blood-sucking insect bloated with pustulant, lethal contagion! It's bursting with both infection and affection—for you! Reward for completing the Imperial City Challenger Veteran Dungeon achievement with The Imperial City DLC.
[?] Nibenay Mudcrab Mudcrab Scissors N/A A frisky little crustacean pal, at home in the water or out of it. Available with the Imperial Edition.
Pony Guar Pet.jpg Pony Guar Guar Coconut N/A A favorite household pet in Morrowind, the Pony Guar is a glutton for affection. Code available with purchase of official Guar Plush from the Bethesda Store.[2]
Psijic Brassilisk.png Psijic Brassilisk Brassilisk Pressure Valve Free These rare Brassilisks are powered by blue soul gems brought back from the Psijic hideaway of Artaeum at the end of the First Era by Sotha Sil himself. Available exclusively to PlayStation 4 players and can be purchased for free until December 31st, 2017.
Razak's Opus.jpg Razak's Opus Dwarven Spider Cogbucket N/A A loyal steam-powered Dwarven Spider, fueled by magicka from a soul gem that will last for eras. Reward for completing the quest "The Mystery of Razak."
Rufous Mudcrab.jpg Rufous Mudcrab Mudcrab Crabcakes N/A A perky crab buddy whose rust-colored shell covers a cheerful, inquisitive demeanor. Code available with purchase of official Mudcrab Plush from the Bethesda Store.[3]
[?] Stonefire Scamp Scamp Brimstone N/A This gibbering, foul-smelling Daedric minion will follow you loyally, though it won't fight for you. Reward for defeating the elite Daedric forces in the Darkest Depths in Imperial City DLC.
Verdigris Haj Mota.png Verdigris Haj Mota Haj Mota Burrower N/A A Haj Mota is an ambush predator, waiting patiently in concealment until its prey should come into attack range. The Verdigris breed tends to hide in algae-covered pools where its color acts as camouflage. Loyalty reward for players who own the Murkmire DLC.
Vermilion Scuttler.jpg Vermilion Scuttler Scuttler Warty N/A A reptilian pal from Morrowind, where they're known for quickness, devotion, and a mildly offensive odor. Available with the Explorer's Pack pre-order bonus.
Whiterun Wolfhound.jpg Whiterun Wolfhound Dog Horker N/A The hunting dog of the Nords of Skyrim, known to face down sabre cats for their masters. Given with orders of the Imperial Edition placed through Steam before July 21st, 2014.
Can still be acquired with purchase of official Nord figure from Symbiote Studios.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Razak's Opus is the only pet included in the base game.
  • Pets cannot accompany the Vestige in Cyrodiil.
  • Players can own multiple pets, although they can only have one with them at a time, but can be changed at any time in the Collections menu.
  • All pets come with a default given name, however after Update 6 they can be renamed at any time by going into the Collections menu.
  • The frisky scrib was the first promotional item for The Elder Scrolls Online made exclusively for a console; that being PlayStation 4.
  • Pets cannot accompany the Vestige inside player homes, however they can placed in them as decoration through the Housing Editor.

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