Phane Rielle is a Breton savant and a member of the Thieves Guild who can be found at the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Imperial law "An adventurer should know the basics of Imperial law concerning life and property. Verbal assault, pickpocketing, and trespassing are minor crimes, punished by fines or hard labor. Theft and foul murder are felonies. Theft is punished by fines proportional to the value of the property stolen, or by hard labor. Foul murder is punishable by fines or at least 1000 drakes, or by hard labor. Fines and compensation are determined by magistrates, and may be paid to guards. In place of fines, the criminal may serve extended sentences of hard labor. The workcamps are hard places for hard man, and for each day served, expect to lose some hard-earned skills as a result of physical, mental, or emotional punishment."

Report to Caius Cosades[edit | edit source]

Caius Cosades "That old sugar tooth? I'm not sure where he's living now. But ask Bacola Closcius, the owner ... he'll know."

Bacola Closcius "Cavola Closcius? He's the owner. He must be around here somewhere."

Services[edit | edit source]

Training[edit | edit source]

Phane offers the following training:

Wares[edit | edit source]

Phane Rielle sells the following books: 

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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