"Praise Akatosh! You'd be amazed how many people just walk by a fellow in dire circumstances."
―Phinis Vanne[src]

Phinis Vanne is a Breton residing on Vanne Farm, in the region of Stormhaven. He and his sister, Marlene have been sent there to work for a season for their aunt, Ingride Vanne.


Can't Leave Without HerEdit

The Vanne Farm has been overrun by Supernal Dreamer cultists and daedra. Phinis is simply trying to escape, but Marlene has barricaded herself in the house. He asked the Vestige to persuade her to leave.

Alcaire CastleEdit

Later, the Vestige can find him and his sister by the fountain in front of Alcaire Keep.

"Do I know you? Oh yeah, you're the one who helped us back at the farm. Now we just need to get back to Camlorn. Guess you can't help us with that."


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