"It is very large. I find the idea of such a large world unappealing. One would always be lost, I should think. One would have trouble finding one’s place. Look how quickly you found yours here."
―Phmer, talking about Tamriel to Annaïg[src]

Phmer is one of the chefs working in Umbriel's kitchens. She found the ninth sensation of taste, which has no name. At least twenty people from other kitchens have tried to steal her recipe, but all were caught or killed.[1]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Phmer is an impressively tall, narrow woman with close-cropped hair and large emerald eyes. Her voice was silk, coiled thick and made into a noose.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Umbriel Crisis[edit | edit source]

Phmer was one of the four chefs that was invited to present a tasting for Lord Rhel. Toel warned Annaïg that Phmer would be their main rival in the competition. In order to achieve victory, Toel entrusted Annaïg to find the ninth savor for him. Annaïg eventually realised Toel wanted her to steal the recipe of the ninth savor from Phmer. She told Slyr about her intention to steal the recipe. Slyr warned her that if she was caught, Phmer could demand Toel give Annaïg to her by law. However, Annaïg was decided to carry out her plan.[2]

The day after Annaïg supposedly stole the recipe, she was called upon Toel's balcony. Phmer and her assistants, Jolha and Egren, were waiting for her. Phmer accused her of stealing the ninth savor: Slyr had betrayed Annaïg to Phmer. Phmer took an insect-like creature that could detect the ninth savor, and brought it near Annaïg. Yet, the creature pointed at Slyr. Annaïg had synthesized the ninth savor on her own. She knew Slyr was going to betray her, so she loaned Slyr her dress impregnated with the ninth savor and with a small vial filled with the ninth savor in the pocket. Phmer believed that it was Slyr who stole the ninth savor, and she demanded Toel to capture her. Phmer also demanded to interrogate Annaïg, but Toel refused to do so.[1]

Phmer and her kitchen later took part in Lord Rhel's competition. Despite being the favored to win, Annaïg beat her. Phmer congratulated Annaïg and she told her that she knew that Annaïg had killed Toel.[3]

Assistants[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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