"Here is the amulet back. It's as beautiful as it was the day I remember seeing it long ago."
Erline Lirrian[src]

The Phylactery of Litheness is an enchanted amulet obtained from Erline Lirrian as a reward from the quest "A Brotherhood Betrayed."

History[edit | edit source]

The amulet was found by Bradon Lirrian and his friend, Raynil and Gelebourne, during their days as adventurers and treasure hunters. After finding the amulet and returning to Bruma, the three decided to hide it until they could get a real value on the item, so Bradon had an enchantment placed on the amulet and locked it in a chest in Boreal Stone Cave. The enchantment made it appear to be a mundane amulet unless the command word was said while holding it.[1]

A Brotherhood Betrayed[edit | edit source]

Years later, after the group disbanded and went their own ways, Raynil killed Gelebourne and Bradon for their keys to the chest. To cover up his tracks, he posed as a Vampire hunter and simply stole any evidence that proved he knew them.

After his plot is uncovered and Raynil is killed by the Hero, the mundane amulet can be taken to Brandons wife, Erline. She will explain her husband's distrust of his friends, and how only he and Erline knew the word that broke the enchantment, "Brotherhood." After breaking the spell, she will give the amulet to the Hero as thanks for avenging her husband's wrongful death.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1–4 700 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 5 pts 000385A0
5–9 800 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 6 pts 0006B648
10–14 1000 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 7 pts 0006B649
15–19 1100 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 8 pts 0006B64A
20–24 1300 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 9 pts 0006B64B
25+ 1400 Gold 0.5 WeightIcon.png Fortify Speed 10 pts 0006B64C

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References[edit | edit source]

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