Piercing Twilight is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, introduced in the FrostSpark Collection set.


This card can be acquired by buying the FrostSpark Collection set for real money (USD/EUR $/€9.99) or 1500 Gold (Legends).


Piercing Twilight is able to banish all copies of the chosen card; this would include any additional copies shuffled into the opponent's deck by cards such as Galyn the Shelterer or Elusive Schemer. This card can remove any cards the opponent already used that might be a detriment to the player, rendering them unable to use it in the future unless they already have a copy in their hand. Since the chosen card is also removed from the discard pile, it cannot be Consumed or brought back with cards such as Reanimate. This makes Piercing Twilight effective against creatures with summon abilities like Gray Viper Brigand and Spiny Haj Mota.



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