Piernette Beluelle is a Breton farmer in or around her farmhouse in the Ascadian Isles region.


The Silver BowlEdit

Piernette's bowl, a gift given to her husband, went missing recently. The Nerevarine can return it to her.


missing silver bowl "A silver bowl given to my husband disappeared from my house recently. Do you know what happened to it?"

I found your silver bowl. "That bowl disappeared from my house while I was visiting friends at Fort Pelagiad. My husband -- he's an officer in the Legions serving in Argonia -- received the bowl as a gift from grateful East Empire Company merchants. His file was escorting a Company courier when they were overwhelmed by bandits, but my husband slew the bandit chief and drove the bandits away. Were you... planning to return the bowl to me?"
Yes, of course. Here's the bowl. "Thank you very much. It means a lot to me and my husband. I'm sorry. I'm just a poor farmer, and have little to offer as a reward. But I've lived here for years, and my husband and I have many friends. Perhaps I can offer you some valuable advice on how to get best value for your goods. And can I introduce you to a good friend at Fort Pelagiad? Ygfa is a Healer and Imperial cult Adept. She might try to get you to join the Imperial cult. But that's not a bad thing."
I was expecting a reward. "I'm sorry. I'm a poor farmer. I have nothing to offer as a reward. And, as I am a defenseless woman, and my husband is away, I am at your mercy."
No. I found it. I'm keeping it. "You are bold. And cruel. You may do as you wish. But I promise you. Others shall know of your disgraceful behavior."
No, I don't. Sorry to trouble you. "Well, then, good day to you."


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