Pilfer is a keyword that is activated when a creature with Pilfer deals damage to the enemy player.


The effects vary and are described on the card itself, example:

  • Pilfer: +1/+1 - The creature gains +1 Power and +1 Health upon damaging the enemy player.
  • Pilfer: Draw a card - The player gets to draw a card upon damaging the enemy player.

The most common Pilfer effect is creature Power and Health gain.


Baandari Bruiser
Blood Pact Messenger
Dagi-raht Mystic
Daring Cutpurse
Descendant of Alkosh
Elsweyr Lookout
Goblin Skulk
Quin'rawl Burglar
Quin'rawl Skulker 2 DWD
Rajhini Highwayman
Riverhold Escort
Tenmar Swiftclaw
Torval Crook

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