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"There's been some terrible trouble at the Chapel in Anvil. All of Dibella's priests and priestesses murdered!"
―Cyrodiil guards

Pilgrimage is quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. Proceeded by "The Shrine of the Crusader," the quest opens in Anvil, with a doomsayer spouting about attacks on the Chapel of Dibella.


The Hero must prove their renown, then proceed on a Pilgrimage across Cyrodiil, praying at the various wayshrines of the Nine Divines, with only a map to guide them. It is the first quest in the expansion pack and can be initiated by asking anyone about rumors.


In the beginning of the Knights of the Nine expansion, the Hero becomes privy to rumors of a massacre at the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil; a Prophet makes his appearance at the site of the crime preaching that Umaril the Unfeathered had returned, and a new Hero is being sought out by the holy decree of the Nine Divines.


Speak to the Prophet and he will tell the Hero of the return of an old and evil king that seeks to desecrate the chapels and worship sites of the Nine Divines. According to him, the Hero would be a worthy knight for such a task, should they be able to recover the Relics of the Crusader. These artifacts belonged to a legendary knight known as Pelinal Whitestrake.

In the conversation, the Prophet will attempt to gauge the knighthood of the Hero. He will ask if they are a "worthy knight."

The Hero is permitted to answer yes if they have become one or more of:

Wayshrines Map

The map outlines each wayshrine on the Pilgrimage.

While the Hero will receive praise by saying yes to any of the above, only a no answer will start the questline.


After starting the quest, the Hero is given a Wayshrines Map, and is tasked with making a pilgrimage to the wayshrines of each divine.

As the Hero travels to fulfill their task, they will encounter Sir Roderic and his Squire Lathon*, who also seek the artifacts. They greet the Hero, expressing their desire to cross paths at a later date.

Pelinal WhitestrakeEdit

Pilgrimage Pelinale Whitestrake

The Spirit of Pelinal Whitestrake.

Once the pilgrimage is complete, the Hero will have a vision and finds themselves far above Cyrodiil in the presence of Pelinal Whitestrake's spirit itself.

The spirit informs them of the location of the first relic, the helm and is tasked with its recovery.


The following Anvil residents will comment on the attack at the Chapel if they are asked about it:

Character Reaction
Anvil Guards "By the time we got there, it was too late. We have no idea how they got in or out without any of our patrols seeing them."
Male Elves "A terrible crime. Everyone in the Chapel murdered! Who could have done such a thing, and why?"
Imperials "It's unbelievable. Right in the center of the city, nobody saw anything? Makes you wonder about the competence of the Guard, if you ask me."
Male Nords "I'd like to get my hands on the cowards that did that. I'm even thinking of joining the Prophet's holy crusade."
Male Khajiit "I don't know what to think. Maybe the Prophet is right, and the ancient gods have come back for vengeance."
Male Redguards "The Prophet speaks true. This is the start of something terrible, I can feel it in my bones."


Pilgrimage – NDPilgrim
IDJournal Entry
6I've heard rumors of an attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. No one seems to know what happened, but all the priests and priestesses were killed and the altars desecrated. It might be worth going to Anvil to see for myself.
  • Quest accepted
7I've heard of a mysterious Prophet who preaches outside the desecrated Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. I should find out if he knows anything about who attacked the Chapel and why.
  • Quest accepted
9I've spoken to the Prophet outside Anvil Chapel. He claims that an ancient Ayleid sorceror-king has returned from beyond the grave to destroy the church, and that only a true knight wearing the legendary Crusader's Relics can possibly defeat him. I should speak to him further to find out how to find these lost Relics.
10I've spoken to a mysterious Prophet, who told me that in order to seek the Relics of the Crusader, I must first do a pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines. He gave me a map of the Pilgrim's Way to help me locate the shrines. Once I have visited a wayshrine for each of the Nine Divines, I may receive a vision if I am judged a worthy knight.
11I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Akatosh.
12I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Arkay.
13I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Dibella.
14I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Julianos.
15I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Kynareth.
16I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Mara.
17I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Stendarr.
18I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Talos.
19I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Zenithar.
20I have completed my pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines. I should pray and wait for a vision to guide me on my quest for the Crusader's Relics.
  • Quest complete


  • It is possible to not meet Sir Roderic and Lathon. If the Hero opts to brave the terrain compared to the roads they will not encounter them; however, in other parts of the quest chain Lathon will act as if he had met the hero, so the meeting is not a critical requirement for the solidity of the experience.
  • Completing this quest allows the Hero to be recognized by the followers of the Nine Divines, allowing access to all of the chapels throughout Cyrodiil.
  • Be advised that the Wayshrine of Zenithar is not in the location on the Wayshrine Map. It is actually closer to Kvatch and the Wayshrine of Arkay.
  • If the Hero has already worshipped at every shrine before the expansion was installed, only one shrine has to be activated for this quest to be completed.
  • If the PlayStation 3 version of Oblivion is purchased, this quest will be available immediately after the tutorial quest is completed; just escape the Imperial Prison Sewer as you normally would, then ask guards for the latest rumors (wait until one mentions the chapel attack) and then travel to Anvil. The reason for this quest being able to be triggered very early is because the PlayStation 3 version includes the Knights of the Nine DLC plug-in in its packaged release. For the PC and Xbox 360 versions, either Knights of the Nine must be downloaded, or the Game of the Year Edition must be purchased.

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