"This deep, many-chambered natural cavern has been used by refugees as a sanctuary many times over the centuries. Some of the local Nords say it's quite safe, but others refuse to enter for fear of being trapped by a cave-in."
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Pinepeak Cavern is a cavern located on the northwestern edge of the Rift, in the province of Skyrim. Pinepeak may appear to be a simple cavern along Lake Geir, but in actuality, it is the ancient burial tomb of Hakra, a member of the Five Hundred Companions and one of the slayers of Sinmur.

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Pinepeak Cavern is an isolated cave located along the riverways descending down into the Darkwater River. It is north of the bridge that leads into the Seven Thousand Steps of the Throat of the World, which is a part of the nearby township of Ivarstead. The first area inside of Pinepeak is rather small, serving mainly as Bear den for any of the local wildlife. But the cave extends deeper, where there is an Ancient Nordic tomb. The cavern deeper into Pinepeak is vast, reminiscent of other natural caves, with natural stone bridges hovering the ground. Continuing into Pinepeak will reveal an Ancient Nordic tomb, which contains a simple room and a coffin in the middle. Other than that, Pinepeak is a rather insignificant cave.


Second EraEdit

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Order of the Black Worm raged war against the Ebonheart Pact in the attempt to revive Sinmur, the Leader of the Giants. To strengthen Sinmur's ethereal body, the Worm Cult had traveled to Pinepeak Cavern to enslave Hakra's soul. Knowing that the Worm Cult would resurrect Sinmur, Jorunn sent an entourage of scholars to the sight, only to be attacked by the Worm Cult and forced to retreat outside the cavern. Luckily, Netapatuu had acquired a shard that contained a little bit of Hakra's soul. With this shard, an Elite Agent of the Pact was able to thwart the Worm Cult within Pinepeak Cavern and recover the spirit of Hakra. Hakra would aid the Ebonheart Pact in their battle against Sinmur and Thallik Wormfather.[1]

Fourth EraEdit

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As time went on, Hakra and the Ebonheart Pact was able to defeat Sinmur, ascending into Sovngarde with Valdur and the rest of the Five Hundred Companions, leaving the tomb at Pinepeak Cavern empty, without a soul entombed. The only beings inhabiting Pinepeak Cavern would be the creatures of the Rift. Eventually, the caves collapsed on themselves, sealing a large majority of the cave, save for the den at the entrance. Various animals have taken refuge in the cave such as the Bear, using it as their home. Occasionally, the bears of Pinepeak would terrorize nearby settlements, prompting the Companions to take action and eliminate the threat.[2][3]



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