Pinnacle Rock is the stronghold and home of the Dark Seducers. It is located on the tip of the peninsula in southwestern Dementia.


It can only be entered with permission from the Dark Seducers, which can only be gained if the Hero took the path of Mania during Ritual of Accession. If this set of circumstances is achieved then they will have to travel to Pinnacle Rock during The Helpless Army. Otherwise the door to Pinnacle Rock is locked and has no key.


  • Pinnacle Rock - Hall of Honor
  • Pinnacle Rock - Hall of Reverence
  • Pinnacle Rock - Hall of Devotion
  • Pinnacle Rock - Font of Rebirth


The Helpless ArmyEdit

After driving Jyggalag's forces of Order from The Fringe, rebuilding the Gatekeeper with the help of Relmyna Verenim the Hero must return to Sheogorath to report the victory to him and find out what is going to happen next.


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