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Pirates are hostile Nords and Dunmer on the island of Solstheim. Like Reavers, they typically behave like the bandits in Skyrim.

The Dragonborn fights them especially while searching for the armor of Haknir Death-Brand, the legendary pirate king of Sea of Ghosts. Haknir has been a feared captain, his own crew was said to tremble in his presence as he supposedly delighted in torture and murder for its own sake and was sort of mad, as well.


  • Random Encounters – Sometimes, in places where Reavers would usually be encountered, pirates will be encountered instead.




Identical to bandits and reavers. They may use any combat style and wear typical bandit attire.

Pirate MageEdit

They mostly use the spells Frostbite, Flames, and Lesser Ward.

Pirate CaptainEdit

The pirate captain is identical to a Reaver Lord. At higher levels, they wear a full set of Steel Plate Armor or Nordic Carved Armor and wield better weapons than the other pirates. They may prove challenging for lower level players.


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