Pit Wolves are tamed wolves encountered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


They can be a challenging enemy as they are usually found near other enemies. When exploring several caves, these creatures may be encountered by themselves, or in packs of two to four, often found in cages, pens or just roaming around with other characters. Characters tend to set the wolves free so they could attack the Dragonborn.

The pit wolves' appearance varies, as they can bear a resemblance to both ice wolves and normal wolves, with the former being the strongest of the two.




  • As with all wolves it is possible to contract a disease from them.


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  • While in Werewolf form, or if under the effects of the "Voice of the Sky," Pit wolves, unlike their cousins, will attack the Dragonborn or flee from them. This may be due to them being a member of the Bandit faction rather than the Wildlife faction.


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