For other uses, see Piukanda.

Piukanda is a rather large Ayleid Ruin located slightly west-northwest of the Aleswell settlement, on the north side of the Red Ring Road.

This ruin consists of two levels, along with a third level that was turned into an undead dungeon. There is an abundance of loot, along with two separate Boss's Chests (one located on the second level, and another inside the Undead Dungeon). Welkynd Stones are very common, as well as a few Varla Stones. Swinging Blade traps fill the second level.


  • Piukanda
  • Piukanda Edesel / Mortal gods
  • Piukanda Ceyede / Hall of Shadows

The ruin contains around 40 Welkynd Stones and 2 Varla Stones, the Varla Stones are located deep in Piukanda Ceyede



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