"Beneath Auridon lies a boil of dark magic and family hate. Destroy the Kinlord and his dark fiend, the clannfear Shadowrend."
―Maj al-Ragath[src]

Pledge: Banished Cells I is an Undaunted daily pledge received from Maj al-Ragath in the Undaunted Enclaves of Mournhold, Elden Root and Wayrest.


Maj al-Ragath of the Undaunted has challenged me to delve the Banished Cells beneath Auridon.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Clear The Banished Cells:
  2. Return to Maj al-Ragath
  3. Talk to Maj al-Ragath


Main article: The Banished Cells


  • 146–604GoldIcon
  • Undaunted Key―Two units if completed the challenge.


Journal Entry
I must enter the dungeon, which lies along the northern coast of Auridon. To be truly Undaunted, I must brave the depths and slay High Kinlord Rilis and the clannfear known as Shadowrend.
  • Objective: Kill Shadowrend
  • Objective: Kill High Kinlord Rilis XII
  • Optional Steps: Maj presented me with another challenge: invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and slay Rilis the High Kinlord in his empowered state.
I've slain the evil Rilis in the Banished Cells. I should find Maj al-Ragath in my alliance's capital city.
  • Objective: Return to Maj al-Ragath
Maj al-Ragath is waiting to speak to me once again in my alliance capital.
  • Objective: Talk to Maj al-Ragath
  • Quest complete

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