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[[es:Guía de bolsillo del Imperio]]
[[es:Guía de bolsillo del Imperio]]
[[it:Guida Tascabile all'Impero]]
[[pl:Pocket Guide to the Empire]]
[[pl:Pocket Guide to the Empire]]
[[Category:Books: Pocket Guides]]
[[Category:Books: Pocket Guides]]

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The Pocket Guide to the Empire is a series of pamphlets denoting the lore and traditions of every province in Tamriel at the time of their publication. They were printed by the Imperial Geographic Society. To this day three editions have been written. The second edition, however, remains unpublished.[UL 1]


First Edition

The First Edition was commissioned in 2E 864 by Tiber Septim.[1] These books came with The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

Second Edition

The second edition was commissioned in 3E 331 by Empress Morihatha.[1] For unknown reasons the books remained unpublished.[UL 1] At least one extract of the second edition still exists.

Third Edition

The Third Edition was commissioned in 3E 432 by Uriel Septim VII.[1] These books came with the Special Edition of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel

The (Improved) Emperor's Guide to Tamriel is a book written by Flaccus Terentius to explain his adventures throughout Tamriel during the Second Era. It is available with the retail version of the Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online.[note 1]


  1. This series of books is not necessarily part of the Pocket Guides, but has a very similar focus.


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