"I'm the Emperor's eyes and ears."
―Porcia Loran[src]

Porcia Loran was a Breton spymaster of the Imperial Legion during the Fourth Era.[1]


Porcia was the mentor of spies serving the Legion. Sometime during the Fourth Era a former spy by the name of Talym Rend had struck a deal with Sheogorath which demanded Porcia be turned mad. During this time, Porcia was actively serving with Breton Legionnaires in Skyrim, who were engaging with Reachmen invaders at Bthardamz.[1]

In order to turn Porcia mad, Talym had ambushed a Reachman courier, and planted fake intel in Bthardamz for Porcia to discover,[2] however, while doing so, Talym had also activated a number of traps in the ruin, putting the Reachmen on high alert, and resulting in the capture of Porcia. As such, Talym had to save his former mentor.[3] The Spymaster did, however, find the fake intel, and assumed it was legitimate. The intel pointed towards a nearby Grove of Mara, where a sacred flower grew which was required to combat the Reachman poison, according to the intel.[4]

When the Legionnaires arrived at the grove and demanded the sacred flowers, the priests of Mara refused. As such, Poria ordered her men to attack the grove, resulting in the deaths of numerous priests and the Legion obtaining the flowers.[5] Imperial alchemists refined the flowers into a gas, but due to the low quantity of the gas, Porcia ordered it only to be used when the Reachmen poison would be used on the bulk of the Imperial force.[6] The fighting took place in a passage leading to Bthardamz, and when the combat between the Reachmen and the Legion became heavy, the Reachmen unleashed the poison. In response, Porcia unleashed her antidote.[7]


Porcia, following the gas explosions in Bthardamz.

The antidote was, however, not an antidote. When the gas of the sacred flowers was used to combat the poison, large explosions and fires would break out, resulting in great casualties among both the Legion and the Reachmen. While technically a success for the Legion, Porcia could not bear witnessing both the murder of the priests and the massacre at Bthardamz, and left the Legion. Since then, Porcia refused to speak, afraid to accidentally reveal a secret, or utter a command, that might hurt someone.[7]



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