Potema's Catacombs is a location in Skyrim, entered during the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened." It is located inside the Temple of the Divines, near Castle Dour in Solitude.


A hidden and vast underground set of rooms and corridors under Solitude. This place of evil is accessible during the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened." The Catacombs are reached via the cellar of the Temple of the Divines when accepting the quest. It is otherwise completely sealed off.




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Potema's CatacombsEdit

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  • Sometimes the room where Potema is will glow green and the lightning will not appear. Killing the draugr will still open the door, but Potema will not spawn, and the skull can simply be picked up.
  • If frightened, Silana Petreia may run down to the cellar and open the sealed door, granting access. It is not recommended that this happen if the quest is not active, as it will make completion impossible.


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