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In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there are many recipes for potions. Those who spend a small amount of gold can buy an entire shop worth of ingredients and mix them into potions, selling them back for considerably more gold. Combining any two of ingredients with the same effect will create a potion with that effect. The potency will depend on one's Alchemy skill level.

Novice Level PotionsEdit

Restore HealthEdit

Restore IntelligenceEdit

Cure DiseaseEdit

Apprentice Level PotionsEdit


Water BreathingEdit


Cure PoisonEdit

Journeyman Level PotionsEdit


Note: Mixing Bloodgrass and Daedra Silk will make a Chameleon/Burden potion that may be prejudice more than benefit.


Detect LifeEdit

Note: Tomato, Onion, and Bread all Restore Fatigue, as well, making an effective Detect Life/Restore Fatigue potion.

Fortify MagickaEdit

Note: Combining Void Salts with Ectoplasm will also produce a Damage Health effect for the potion.

Fortify HealthEdit

Fortify EnduranceEdit

Fortify LuckEdit

Fortify WillpowerEdit

Fortify IntelligenceEdit

Expert and Master Level PotionsEdit

Fortify StrengthEdit

Reflect DamageEdit

Note: Daedra Venin, Strawberry, and Green Stain will give the potions a Restore Fatigue effect, as well.


Chameleon, Fortify Health, Fortify MagickaEdit

All four ingredients used to make the potion:

Fire Shield, Resist Fire, Fortify Health, Restore HealthEdit

All four ingredients used to make the potion:

Note: Painted Troll Fat can only be acquired once during a quest in Cheydinhal, ("A Brush With Death"), so the player is advised to use the Arch-Mage's magic alchemy chest in the Arcane University before using up all of the painted fat.

Fire Shield, Resist Shock, Resist Frost, Restore MagickaEdit

All four ingredients used to make the potion:

Fortify Magicka, Restore Magicka, Fortify Health, Restore Health, Restore FatigueEdit

All four ingredients used to make the potion:

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