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Potions are a type of item in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. They can be used through the magical item window, which is located below the pickpocket button in the HUD.


There are a number of potions in Arena. Only the specific potions will be listed here:

Name Effect
Potion of Cure Disease Cure Disease
Potion of Cure Poison Cures Poison
Potion of Free Action Cures Paralyzation
Potion of Heal True Stronger version of "Potion of Healing"
Potion of Healing Heals Health
Potion of Invisibility Gives Invisibility
Potion of Levitation Gives Levitation
Potion of Purification Heals, Cure Poison & Sanctuary
Potion of Resist Cold Gives cold resistance
Potion of Resist Fire Gives Fire resistance
Potion of Resist Poison Gives Poison resistance
Potion of Restore Power Restores Spell points
Potion of Resist Shock Gives Shock resistance
Potion of Stamina Heals Fatigue
Potion of Strength Gives Strength points temporarily
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