Potion Daggerfall

A potion in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

For other uses, see Potions.

Potions are consumable items in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall that can increase the Hero of Daggerfall's abilities.

Potion Ingredients
Chameleon Form Rain Water, Nectar, Green Leaves, Yellow Leaves, Green Berries
Cure Disease Elixir Vitae, Fig, Nymph's Hair
Cure Poison Ichor, Large Scorpion Stinger, Small Tooth, Pearl
Free Action Ichor, Spider's Venom, Twigs, Bamboo
Healing Elixir Vitae, Red Berries, Mercury, Troll's Blood
Heal True Elixir Vitae, Red Berries, Pine Branch, Unicorn Horn
Invisibility Rain Water, Nectar, Ectoplasm, Diamond
Levitation Orc's Blood, Pure Water, Nectar, Ectoplasm
Orc Strength Nectar, Iron, Rain Water, Elixir Vitae
Purification Elixir Vitae, Nectar, Rain Water, Fig, Big Tooth, Ectoplasm, Diamond, Mummy wrapping
Resist Fire Ichor, Amber, Red Flowers, Dragon Scales, Cactus
Resist Frost Ichor, Turquoise, Pine Branch, White Rose
Resist Shock Ichor, Lodestone, Yellow Berries
Resist Poison Ichor, Snake Venom, Golden Poppy
Restore Power Nectar, Silver, Werewolf's Blood, Lodestone
Shadow Form Rain Water, Nectar, Malachite, Black Rose
Slow Falling Pure Water, White Poppy, Black Poppy
Stamina Pure Water, Aloe, Ginkgo Leaves
Water Breathing Rain Water, Elixir Vitae, Ivory
Water Walking Pure Water, Yellow Rose, Palm, Sulpher


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