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The following is a list of all Powers and Abilities available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. A large number of greater powers, lesser powers and active effects appear in Dragonborn. There are twelve greater powers, five lesser powers and twenty-one abilities, though only one of the three powers and abilities attributed to Hermaeus Mora's Black Books can be chosen from each of the books.

Powers are defined by their unique nature. They are essentially magic spells, but they have zero magicka cost and are not learned from spell tomes. Powers can be broken down into two categories: Greater Powers and Lesser Powers.

Abilities are defined by their passive nature. They are magical effects that are always active and increase various stats and attributes relative to the player.

Greater Powers[edit | edit source]

Greater powers can only be used once a day. They can be found and selected from the "Magic" menu, under "Powers."

Name Description
All-Maker Stones
Powers given by these stones are single-use only; to use them again, the corresponding stone must be reactivated.
Bones of the Earth
"Caster ignores 80% of all physical damage for 30 seconds."
Conjure Werebear
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"Summons a Werebear for 60 seconds wherever the caster is pointing."
North Wind
"Targets take 20 points of frost damage for 10 seconds, plus Stamina damage."
Sun Flare
"A 100 point fiery explosion centered on the caster. Does more damage to closer targets."
Root of Power
"All spells cost 75% less to cast for 60 seconds."
Waters of Life
"Heals everyone close to the caster 200 points."
Black Book: Filament and Filigree
Secret of Strength
"Power attacks cost no Stamina for 30 seconds."
Secret of Arcana
"Spells cost no Magicka for 30 seconds."
Secret of Protection
"You take half damage for 30 seconds."
Black Book: The Hidden Twilight
Mora's Agony
"Summons a field of writhing tentacles that poisons foes."
Mora's Grasp
"Freezes the target between Oblivion and Tamriel for 30 seconds, making them immune to all damage."
Mora's Boon
"Fully restores your Health, Magicka and Stamina."
Not Used
These powers can be added by using the console, but there is no way to normally get them in game.
Omen of Warding
"You take no falling damage for 15 seconds."
Stop Rune
"Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes and freezes the target in place for 10 seconds."

Lesser Powers[edit | edit source]

Lesser Powers are very similar to Greater Powers, however the only difference is that they can be used multiple times per day. They too can be found and selected from the "Magic" menu, under "Powers."

Name Description
Black Book: Untold Legends
Bardic Knowledge
"Summons a spectral drum that plays for 300 seconds, improving Stamina Regen for you and nearby allies."
Black Market
"Summons a Dremora merchant for 15 seconds."
Secret Servant
"Summons a Dremora butler for 15 seconds to carry your excess items."
Breath of Nchuak
"Draws upon stamina to release a scorching blast of steam that deals 15 points of damage per second."
Summon Karstaag
"Summon Karstaag to fight for you for 120 seconds. You may only use this ability 3 times, and only while outdoors."

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Abilities are passive magical effects that are always active. They increase various stats and attributes relative to the player. They can be viewed in the "Magic" menu under "Active Effects."

Name Description
The Gardener of Men / Black Book: Epistolary Acumen
Dragonborn Force
"Your Unrelenting Force Shout does more damage and may disintegrate enemies."
Dragonborn Flame
"When your Fire Breath Shout kills an enemy, a fire wyrm emerges from the corpse to fight for you for 60 seconds."
Dragonborn Frost
"Your Frost Breath Shout encases foes in ice."
Black Book: The Sallow Regent
Seeker of Might
"Combat skills are 10% more effective."
Seeker of Sorcery
"All spells cost 10% less magicka. Enchantments are 10% more powerful."
Seeker of Shadows
"Stealth skills are all 10% more effective."
Black Book: The Winds of Change
Scholar's Insight
"Reading Skill Books gives you an extra Skill Point."
Companion's Insight
"Your attacks, shouts, and destruction spells do no damage to your followers."
Lover's Insight
"Do 10% more damage and get 10% better prices from people of the opposite sex."
Raven Rock Temple Blessings
Blessing of Azura
"Resist 10% of magic."
Blessing of Boethiah
"One-handed weapons do 10% more damage."
Blessing of Mephala
"Prices are 10% better."
Werewolf Rings
Frostmoon Bloodlust
"While in Beast Form, your attacks do 50% more damage, but you also take 50% more damage."
Frostmoon Howl
"Increases the duration of your Howls by 25%."
Frostmoon Instinct
"When you enter Beast Form, the world around you seems to slow for 20 seconds."
Frostmoon Predator
"While in Beast Form, your health regenerates."
Ahzidal's Genius
Increases your Enchanting skill by 10 points.
Blessing of the Stag Prince
"5 Health and Stamina while Bow of the Stag Prince is equipped; however, the benefits increase as more animals are killed using the bow."
Detect Ash Source
"When close enough, identifies the source of the ash spawn attacks on Tel Mithryn."
Neloth's Health Boost
  1. "Neloth's 25 point health boost."
  2. "Health is permanently lowered 25 points after swimming or being in the rain."
Neloth's Memory Spell
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"Records memories of your experiences for Neloth."

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