"Training? Goodness me, I'm retired! I'm afraid combat doesn't interest me any more. All that matters to me now is Malene."

Pranal quote

Pranal is a Redguard who can be found in the Roxey Inn, just north of the Imperial City.


Pranal is a retired soldier and although his past is unknown, he is renowned by some for his skill in Heavy Armor.

Pranal has given up his past life, and the only thing he cares about now is the innkeeper, Malene. He will tell the Hero that he knows she would never feel the same way about him, but being there with her makes him happy enough.


Heavy Armor TrainingEdit

The Hero can ask him for Heavy Armor Training. Pranal will agree to train them if they can buy a set of four silver glasses and a matching pitcher for Malene. He will compensate the Hero with 50 septims. Once the Hero returns, he will ask them to give the gift to her, but to not tell her that it's from him. Once this is done, he will be happy to have seen her smile and will willingly train the Hero.


  • While Pranal believes his love to be secret, Malene will know the gift is from him and that he has feelings for her. She will tell the player that she likes having him around, but doesn't have romantic feelings for him.