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"May Auri-El's warmth imbue your body with strength"
―Prelate Celegriath[src]

Prelate Celegriath is a Snow Elf ghost who can be found at the Wayshrine of Learning in the Forgotten Vale.


Prelate Celegriath was a priest of Auri-El tasked with helping initiates at a wayshrine find their way to the Inner Sanctum of the Chantry of Auri-El.


Touching the SkyEdit

The Dragonborn must travel to the Forgotten Vale to retrieve Auriel's Bow.


Touching the Sky

"You've reached the Wayshrine of Learning, Initiate. Are you prepared to honor the mantras of Auri-El and fill your vessel with His enlightenment?"

Yes. "Auri-El bless you, child. For you are a step closer to the Inner Sanctum and everlasting wisdom."


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