Pride of the Lion Guard is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I ran across a Lion Guard recruit who had been captured by the Bloodthorn Cult in the swamps outside Aldcroft. He asks for help to complete his mission.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find the General's Dispatch
  2. Return to Aldcroft
  3. Talk to Captain Vistra
  4. Complete the Quesst


When passing Mire Falls outside Aldcroft, the Vestige will run across a recruit for the Lion Guard. He has been captured by the Bloodthorn cultists and he asks for help to be released. He is a bit embarrassed over the situation and asks them to untie him quickly so they can recover the dispatch and return to Captain Vistra.

After helping him, follow the marker to find the dispatch. Fight any cultists that attack; but do not count on Gorak's aid, as he will cower in combat. After finding the dispatch, return to town. As soon as they returned to Aldcroft, Gorak ran to Captain Vistra to deliver the dispatch. Follow the marker to find the captain and talk to her.

She is thankful that Gorak has returned safely and with the dispatch. He claims he got help from the Vestige to defeat dozens of cultists and recover the dispatch from a foul necromancer. Is this true?

There are three options that end the quest:

  1. "It's true. Gorak was amazing. The cultists ran in fear before him."
  2. "Gorak's injuries slowed him down, but he certainly helped out."
  3. "Gorak was useless. He just got in my way."

When choosing the second option, Vistra will say that Gorak is brave, but he is not quite yet ready to join the Lion Guard. Gorak also admits to the Vestige that he exaggerated.

With the third option, Vistra is clearly disappointed in Gorak, and considers throwing him out. Gorak begs to stay in the Lion Guard, as is his dream since childhood, and Vistra instead punishes him to deal with peeling potatoes and cleaning the latrine. Speaking to Gorak after this will reveal him very discouraged and certain he will be thrown out of the Lion Guard.

Whatever answer, the reward is a Lion Guard's Pride and some GoldIcon.



Journal Entry
I ran across a Lion Guard recruit who had been captured by the Bloodthorn cult in the swamps outside of Aldcroft. He wants me to help him complete his mission.
Recruit Gorak needs my help to recover the General's dispatch. The Bloodthorn cultists must have stashed it somewhere in their camp.
  • Objective: Find the General's Dispatch
We recovered the General's dispatch from the Bloodthorn cultist camp. I should head back to Aldcroft now.
  • Objective: Return to Aldcroft
As soon as we got back to Aldcroft, Recruit Gorak ran off to deliver the General's dispatch to Captain Vistra. I should check in with her and see if Gorak made it there in one piece.
  • Objective: Talk to Captain Vistra
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