Priest Thegshalash is an Orsimer priest residing in the city of Orsinium, found tending to the sacred flame on top of Orsinium's walls, speaking with Priest Boroth about Trinimac.


Invitation to Orsinium

Priest Boroth: "What's wrong, priestess?"
Priest Thegshalash: "The king assaults Frostbreak Fortress. I pray he has the strength to finally defeat the Ice-Heart."
Priest Boroth: "Surely someone will help the king? Trinimac will see to that!"
Priest Thegshalash: "Trinimac provides the challenge, but it's up to us to meet it."
Priest Boroth: "Well, I think that Trinimac will send the king a champion to help defeat Urfon Ice-Heart once and for all."
Priest Thegshalash: "Trinimac hates whiners and complainers. Remember that."

After Long Live the King

Priest Boroth: "Can we end our vigil and return to the temple now?"
Priest Thegshalash: "It was our vigil that brought down the Winterborn warlord. Keep tending the sacred flame."
Priest Boroth: "But with the supplies recovered, I heard the high priestess was going to throw a party."
Priest Thegshalash: "I don't care if the king invites you to his moot! Tend to the sacred flame!"
Priest Boroth: "By Trinimac's sharp sword, you're a pain in my tusks..."


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