Priest Uugus is an Orsimer priest of Trinimac found in the Temple of Ire in the city of Orsinium.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

A King-Sized Problem[edit | edit source]


Long Live the King[edit | edit source]

Priest Uugus, the highest-ranking priest of Trinimac still alive, is invited to the funeral of the late Kurog gro-Bagrakh.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Long Live the King

"I'm going to miss this place. The temple has become a more somber place since the death of the high priestess. Solgra was a good woman. She cared about our people and hoped to spread Trinimac's word. I know she also considered you to be her friend."

Are you going somewhere? "The temple is going to be rededicated to Malacath now that King Kurog and the forge-mother are gone. It's a shame, but I can't blame the clan chiefs. Not after what the Vosh Rakh did."
Chief Bazrag asked me to give you this. "What's this? A funeral? For Kurog? I'd be honored to represent Solgra and the temple at this solemn event. Not because I have any love for the mad king, but because I see Bazrag's wisdom. The city needs to heal. I'll do what I can to help with that."

If spoken to again before leaving:

"I shall represent Trinimac and the temple at Kurog's funeral. The people need to see that we're not all Vosh Rakh fanatics."

At Kurog's funeral:

"May Trinimac watch over all those who have fallen and guide them to their next reward."

After Kurog's funeral:

"Another king? Well, I suppose that makes sense. A united Orsimer is certainly stronger than isolated clans. I guess you could say Kurog got his wish after all.

In the main hall:

"I'm happy for my people, but I'm sad that we lost the temple. Malacath wins the day and Trinimac fades back into obscurity. No! I won't let that happen! As long as I have the breath to speak, I'll spread the word of Trinimac! You'll see!"

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