"Light from darkness, hope from hopelessness. In Arkay's name, I pray."
―Priest of Arkay[src]

Priest of Arkay is a priest found in Anga. There are four of them, all trying to save the forgotten ones from the Daedric Prince Namira.



The Hero have learned from the followers of Namira that they will only summon the Daedra for someone repulsive. If they are to get their help, they will need to make themselves less attractive to others.

Namira wants the Hero to help out a flock of her followers, who are holding up in a nearby Ayleid Ruin—it seems that they like the utter darkness that they have found there.


  • "Arkay, bring light to the dark. Arkay, bring hope to the hopeless. Arkay, protect these souls."
  • "Arkay, Light of Lights, cleanse this place of darkness."
  • "Watch over these souls, who have strayed from the light of your love."
  • "Arkay, protect and keep these wayward souls."
  • "Bringer of Light, bless these wretches that they may see the path to your glory."
  • "Arkay, bring light to these damned souls."
  • "Though the darkness comes, I feel no fear. In your glory, bring us to the light."
  • "In darkness you bring us light. Arkay, guide me through these times, that I may once again see your light."
  • "From darkness to light. From the depths of despair to Arkay's glory. Save these poor souls."


  • "My god... no!"
  • "What? No!"
  • "Arkay protect me!"
  • "Save me, Lord!"
  • "By the light!"


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