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Prince Aiden's Report is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Battlereeve Laelwe,

I have just recieved grievous tidings from an outrider belonging to one of our foraging patrols. While making a routine pass near the border of Glenumbra, the patrol discovered a rogue group of Daedra worshipers who have apparently taken up secret residence in the area. Not surprisingly, this cult is populated from the lesser races. However, they have revealed themselves as a serious threat to our authority by consorting with Daedric creatures of surpassing power. The cultists were able to summon foul Daedra and ambus the unsuspecting patrol, heedlessly slaughtering all but one of our people.

Swift and decisive action must be taken against such a dangerous element within our lands. You are to immediately take the full strength of your fighting force into Kingsguard, and travel northwest through the mountains bordering that region. From there you must locate the den of these despicable traitors, root them out, and destroy them to the very last.

I send this message in the hands of the outrider who escaped the murderous Daedric attack, that he may guide you and your forces to the exact location where these murderous fiends were first encountered.

Auri-El guide you,

Prince Aiden Direnni


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