"Let's head south. There's a ladder leading up into the city."
―Prince Azah[src]

Prince Azah is the Redguard son and heir of King Fahara'jad in Sentinel. Roheebah and Ilmaha at-Amil work for him as his informants.


When Prince Azah was young, General Thoda trained him swordplay with Uwafa and Alasan.[source?]


Rise of the DeadEdit

Prince Azah was kidnapped and the Vestige must rescue him.

The Impervious VaultEdit

The Vestige must escort the prince to the Palace.


Rise of the Dead

When the Vestige rescues Prince Azah:

"I don't recognize you, but under the circumstances, I'm certainly glad to make you acquaintance. You will be well-rewarded for assisting me. I can promise that much."

I'm just glad I found you, Your Highness. "Ah, so you do know who I am then? Did my father put you up to this? Is he keeping tabs on me? Well ... I shouldn't be so accusatory. If he was tracking me, then I guess that turned out to be extremely fortunate."
The Impervious Vault

After completing the "Rise of the Dead" quest Vestige talks with Prince Azah:

"I don't wish to seem ungrateful, but you should know that kidnapping me was just a distracion. The Withered Hand-they've been planning this for years. If only we had heard the rumors sooner .... At this point, I don't think we can stop them."

Stop them from doing what? "From tunneling into the Impervious Vault. This tunnel was just one ot their attempts. It's a brilliant plan really. The gates of the vault have been magically sealed for centuries, but underneath, the vault's apparently not so impervious."
Why do they want to break in to the vault? "Undoubtedly they're hopping to steal the Ansei Wards. With the wards, uwafa and Alasan could become unimaginably powerful. It could be bad. Really bad. Even if we can't stop them, we have to try. We should get back to the palace and tell my father."
Sure. Let me untie you.



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