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Prince Bathorgh, The Man Who Cannot Be Hit, was son of beloved Queen Amodetha of Solitude and Lord Thone, Warchief of Solitude. He was considered to be the firstborn son of King Mantiarco, but according to "The Wolf Queen, Book II" in 3E 97 Mantiarco found out about an affair of his deceased wife Amodetha and his trusted warchief Lord Thone. As a result, Bathorgh was stripped of his rights to the throne of Solitude and banished from Skyrim. His place as an heir was taken by Mantiarco's and Potema's son Uriel Septim III. Bathorgh was renown and skilled fighter, annual champion of Tournament of Stamina in Solitude.

"It's the Tournament of Stamina today, you know the Prince would never miss that. The fellow invents new strategies of self-defense every year to show off during the games. Don't you recall last year, where he entered the ring unarmored and after twenty minutes of fending off six bladesmen, left the games without a scratch? He dedicated tha't bout to his late mother, Queen Amodetha'." - Lord Vhokken in Year 3E 97

"He's no friend to me or you, your highness, but you must give the man his due respect. He moves like lightning. You wouldn't think it of him, but he always seems to use his awkwardness to his advantage, to throw his opponents off. Some say he learned the style from the Orcs to the south. They say he learned from them how to anticipate a foe's attack by some sort of supernatural power." - Lord Vhokken in Year 3E 97

"His highness Prince Bathorgh has finished the tournament and awaits you to present his award. He has successfully withstood attacks by nine archers and the giant scorpion we brought in from Hammerfell. The crowd is roaring his name. They are calling him The Man Who Cannot Be Hit." - Lord Vhokken in Year 3E 97

Unfortunately no further records on Bathorgh or his deeds have been found.

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