Privateer's Hold is a bandit stronghold located along the northwestern coast of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, amidst the Iliac Bay of the province of High Rock. Privateer's Hold is one of the many bandit strongholds found throughout the forests of Daggerfall.

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Privateer's Hold is situated along the coast of the Northern Iliac Bay, and it serves as both a bandit stronghold and a cove amidst the water. The bottom of the cavern has an opening to the Iliac Bay, and an open area where the cavern meets the sea. The Caves are vast and sprawling across the underground. The entrance itself is practically invisible, containing a wooden door leading to the stone hallways underneath. It was likely an ancient stronghold to Daggerfall until it was sunken into the ground. There is a large hall with a massive staircase and a throne on the top, likely where the leader of the hold sits and watches over the area.


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Privateer's Hold was populated by pirates hiding out in the Kingdom of Daggerfall, being insignificant to the residents of the region. In 3E 405, Uriel Septim VII had sent agents of the Blades to the Iliac Bay when news about the sudden appearance of King Lysandus' ghost began to appear in the Iliac. One such Agent had crash landed on the coast of Daggerfall, during a harsh storm, washing up on the shores of the lower caverns in Privateer's Hold. The Agent was barely able to escape the bandit stronghold but was able to escape nonetheless, rendezvousing with Brisienna Magnessen in a tavern somewhere in the Kingdom of Daggerfall. Lord Naigon Strale was an Ambassador sent to the Kingdom of Wayrest that suffered a similar attack like the Agent, where a wall of water attacked his ship in the Bjoulsae River. He felt suspicious about this and traveled to Wayrest to learn more. However, in 3E 417, he learned that the forces of Wayrest and Orsinium waged war against each other around Gavaudon. These events were tied with the Warp in the West that occurred in the same year.[1][2]




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