"Feina-Darak has called my spirit to judge her. By her quill my name was written, by her hands the paper lotus placed. And so I have come to punish her wickedness. And yet you try to stop me. Who are you to deny me my revenge?"
―Proconsul Beloren-Kaie[src]

Proconsul Beloren-Kaie is an Akaviri spirit inhabiting the Hakoshae Tombs in Northern Elsweyr.


In life, he was a relative to the Potentate Versidue-Shaie who escaped Cyrodiil with a Morag Tong assassin at his heels. The two fought and ultimately killed each other, while his trusted body-guard Lieutenant Lein-Barduik fled. Barduik later took on the Procunsul's identity and founded the town of Hakoshae for other Akaviri refugees. When the first Proving Festival was preformed, Beloren-Kaie was summoned back to Mundus and attempted to kill the false descendant, who, being a powerful mage, was able to cast him back. Since then, the pretender and his family kept the secrete of their lineage and took precautions that the festival would not be preformed again, though this was lost on later generations when the tradition was brought back by Magnate Feina-Darak. Having been called to judge his "descendant", he kidnapped the Magnate and resurrected the ancestral Akaviri of the tombs to deal with the Vestige and Ashur (the grandson of the original Morag Tong assassin) in their attempt to reach her. After they succeeded in reaching the Founder Chamber, the Proconsul agreed to spare her life on the condition that she renounced her false ancestry to the Potentate to which she accepted. Then finally, with his spirit now avenged, he vanished, returning to the afterlife.


Descendant of the PotentateEdit



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